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I tried to do my annual Thanksgiving turkey from Popeye's but I had some issues this year. I really enjoyed the turkey but it was too much. Usually I make most of it into caseroles and freeze them but I waited to long and ended up throwing some away. I'll plan better next year.

6X and Catfight! got together again for a 19th reunion show at the Star Bar. It was a good show as always and everyone had a great night.


The British Car Fayre was fun as always. The cars were cool and it was a enjoyable day out. This was my sixth year attending the event and I finally made it inside the Iron Horse Tavern. Usually I get a pizza at Paizano’s because I'm not a fan of the Fish and Chips the Tavern offeres. But this year I went inside because I nneded to cool off from the incredible heat outside. I ordered a cheesesteak and a cold beer: it was awesome.

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She Wants Revenge with MXMS put on a good show. I'm definatly not a fan of the venue, Terminal West. The crowd was very rude with a lot of pushing and crowding the stage. The set list is pretty cool.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts put on a great show at the Frederick Brown Amphitheater. It was light when I got there which was very strange and hot. But just after the show started the sun went down and it cooled off. People brought their own alcohol and snacks which was a lot of fun. It was worth the hike to Peachtree City. The set list is posted here.


I went to my first show at Termnal West. Having never been there before I drove over the day before and was vey disappointed. There's nowhere to park except their parking garage and it's in the middle of an industrial part. There's no seating but there is a nice cafe on the side. The bar was rough; meaning the services wasn't good.

The Church put on a good show. It wasn't what I expected since I only knew their one song; but I did enjoy the performance.


My tomato, Habanero and sweet pepper plants are doing really well. Only three Ghost pepper plants sprouted but I still have hope for them. Surprisingly I have several heirloom yellow tomato plants and heirloom purple ones started as well.


I saw Black Panther at the theater and the special effects were well done. Some of the acting was impressive. The plot was pretty basic for an introductory movie: The super hero had to fight to prove his worthiness. I'm not sure how to comment on the social sub-agenda plot without sounding racist so I'll not say anymore. But I'm sure that part had a major influence on it's box office return and popularity.

I met up with a group of RPI Alumni at the Hurricane Grill in John's Creek. The RPI Alumni Chapter of Atlanta organized a meet up with Cornell alumni to watch the hockey game. The game ended in a tie during overtime but we had a good time. I guess there were twelve RPI folks to the twenty Cornell people.

I drove down to Jackson Georgia to see General Beaurigard Lee for Ground Hog Day!


I'm happy to be part of the Lockheed Martin LM-100J certification program and overjoyed and proud of my co-workers for their recent success. LM has been building the C-130/L-100 for over 60 years and first introduced the C-130J for the military in 1996. With FAA certification of the LM-100J, the civil aviation market will finally get to utilize this incredible airplane. Congratulations to the entire LM-100J team for passing another important milestone. [Click for videos]

At the same time I am happy to announce I just celebrated my 20th anniversary at Lockheed Martin. It has been an amazing experience.

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