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Stefan's Year in Review
(2013 Edition)


Happy New Year!

I'm off to the Shelter for one last party

I've been engrossed in a Sports Night marathon: Watching all the shows back-to-back from the DVD box set. It was a great show back then and I really enjoyed it again this week. The witty, lightning-fast banter was pretty incredible and performances by several guest starts were amazing. I'd forgotten that William H. Macy, Brenda Strong, Lisa Edelstein and Paula Marshall had such big roles. I don't like sports but the show was not really about sports anyway. Robert Guillaume was awesome and, despite his stroke, he was incredible.

I watched Ender's Game at the dollar theatre and am very glad I only paid $2. It was as disappointing as I'd expected. I don't know what's more unbelievable: that they let five children command a fleet of battleships with all of humanity on the line or that this little boy it that brilliant at war strategy. The visuals were excellent and despite bad editing I thought the story was good. They really failed to show or tell the story how Ender evolved and was recognized as this genius, which was a major movie flaw. The ending really sucked too - Did the book end the same way?

Bettie Page Reveals All - The new documentary about the famous pin-up model was interesting but not very revealing. The movie opens with her 2008 funeral and segues into her 1996 book release party (Bettie Page: The Life of a Pin-Up Legend) in L.A. The film cuts back to this event several times, to interview many famous people about how Bettie influenced the culture in America. Bettie narrates much of the film including a comment that she hated the recent biographical movie: The Notorious Bettie Page, even though it was very accurate. This film was an art-house release, so I don't expect it to make any money but it was authorized by Ms. Page, which is nice. I was one of only seven people in the Plaze theatre, which had just five showings. What I found most interesting about her commentary is how she continues to suggest her nude photos had no negative influence on her life - Yet she had four failed marriages, was a reborn to religion, and spent 10 years in an asylum for a nervous breakdown involving assault. I'm not suggesting that her career made her crazy just that she still can't admit that she wasn't playing will a full deck. Anyone want to discuss Cause-and-Effect vs Nature vs Nurture?

The Shelter Take-Over was more fun than I'd expected. It was a crazy night of uninhibited mayhem as everyone celebrated one-last-fling at the Shelter. I had a lot of fun with both new and old friends. We also made several Candy Canes. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Oni's final Ritual party at the Shelter - A Nightmare Before Christmas was a huge success. Lot's of people came out to celebrate and give the place a great blowout party. Many old friends came back and Oni did a sexy performance. We all had fun and even made several Candy Canes. Thank to the cast and crew for a wonderful memory. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

The Shelter's 4th Anniversary Party was well attended but I didn't really enjoy it. It wasn't really photo friendly and very few of my friends came so I didn't have a good time. Besides, the whole mood was off due to its impending demise.

The Shelter has announced that they are closing after New Year's Eve - This is very sad news. The crew there was very cool and their open attitude resulted in some great times which, thankfully, I have in pictures. I wish Mike, Dave, Cammy, Amy and the rest good luck in whatever future endeavors they pursue. Keep in touch guys.


I skipped my usual fried turkey for Thanksgiving and instead purchased a Honey Baked Ham. The line in the store was pretty awful but four days of delicious ham dishes was wonderful.

The last Kink Patrol Art Party of the year was fun. I didn't get the pictures I wanted so there won't be a full gallery: But if I took your picture, drop me a note and I'll send you your copies. Very sad to know this was the last KP at the Shelter.

I went to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I really enjoyed it. There were a couple of kids in costume but with a full theater that was really the exception. There were earlier shows on Thursday - WTF?

Overall the movie was very true to the book but there were clearly some changes. There were also events that were down played/cut that stood out - Specifically I was very disappointed that Johanna's famous elevator scene was shot completely from the neck up, only alluding to her nudity. Her efforts to join Team Katniss ware totally lost in the one-sentence explanation. And I really missed the whole wedding dress fashion show which was a major plot point for the capital citizens being upset. The entire district 12 mayor's family subplot was omitted. I did spot an avox in one of the capitol dinner scenes, wearing a bizarre headdress, but he was clearly background. Also they brushed over the morphlings: We saw one puking at the training center and one died saving Peeta but their story was lost. Plot error - Why was there a command post on the train? And why were they so careless with the door?

Technically, I thought the movie was choppy with too many details spliced together without transition; especially once they arrived in the arena. But I definitely recommend it and look forward to lively commentary.

The Atlanta stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at Cobb Galleria was fun. There were many amazing bikes and I enjoyed, shopping, music and taking photos. I was disappointed BMW ignored me, I was ready to buy a 1200RT but since none of the salesmen would talk to me I gave up after three tries. I did spend money on an awesome new jacket. But best of all was hanging out with Guzzi guys Don and Yaniv. I posted a few pictures if you are curious. Several models were gracious to pose for pictures.

There was a lot happening on Saturday which is why I think the Con Voluted Naughty Fairy Night at the Shelter wasn't more popular. There were some amazing costumes but we were all expecting more. The music was pretty bizarre and parking had issues which also detracted from the craziness. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

Oni's Ritual hosted a very cool Alice in Wonderland party at the Shelter. Many people dressed up for the theme with awesomely dark Red Queens, lovely Alice's and a bizarre warren of white rabbits. There were familiar friends as well as new people that made the night fun. Oni did a wonderful job with the decorations and even had her own tea party. DJ Ghost and VJ Anthony provided great music to make the night complete. I set up a very funny photo where several Alices ate a Red Queen, inspiried by the Tom Petty video. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Doug and Robin hosted a post-Halloween party that was very nice. Chatting with friends was a pleasent alternative to usual the hustle and noise. Robin did a great job decorating the house with ghosts, skeletons, blood and spider-webs.


The Halloween Retribution party by Dragon Fire Events was pretty cool. All the black-light decor was awesome; though it would have been very difficult to photograph. Actually, I didn't break out the camera; I didn't feel comfortable among the very young crowd. But I had fun and hope other people's pictures came out.

The Shelter Halloween Costume Bash was great. Lots of cool costumes, great music and it was just a very fun night. I especially liked Vae's body paint (right) and the Grady twins from the Shining. I also want to throw a special thank-you to Hawk and Megan for the pumpkin shoot - Very Cool! I have some very awesome pictures posted. Leave comments if you like the pix.

Friends came to town for their annual convention. It was really great seeing them again. The parties were awesome and I made new friends. There were some excellent classes and I learned some new tricks: Always a good thing. I look forward to inducing my new friends to the fun Atlanta has to offer. Oh, and the pictures are amazing!

The Italian Car Day in Norcross was fun. The cars were really beautiful and I won a door prize and a plaque, which was nice. I was disappointed so few motorcycles showed-up, even through I posted an invitation in the Georgia Moto Guzzi Club electronic forum a month ago. I suppose I should be happy three other member stopped bye, even if they didn't bring their bikes. But I had a good time on a really beautiful day. See the [Flyer]

The Vampire's Ball presented by Oni's Ritual at the Shelter was spectacular. Lot's of vampires came out to a fun party and Oni's grinder show really threw sparks. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).


Colin Hay, the former lead singer of Men At Work, put on a great show at the Variety Playhouse. He told funny stories, sang old and new songs, and was just incredibly charming. After the show he met fans in the lobby, signed autographs and posed for pictures. It was an awesome night. This is the fifth time I've seen him perform and I'm sure I'd go back again.

The Kink Patrol Art Party at the Shelter was great fun. I saw many friends, had fun and took some awesome pictures. Sorry I missed some of ThaGoodson's performance but what I saw was very well done. He and Lucy Purr were amazing to watch. The place was very crowded but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time. Thanks to Tsubasa and crew and to everyone that posed for shots. I can't wait for the November event. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).
Oni's Ritual: Let's Play - Video Game Theme Party at the Shelter was fun. The place was filled with happy people, many of whom dressed up for the theme. The group dressed as Ms. Pac Man and ghosts was brilliant. There was another group from Batman: Arkham Asylum that was inspired. But of course, the star of the night was awesome Cosplayer Alisa as Cammy from Street Fighter. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

The Atlanta British Car and Motorcycle Fayre in Norcross was very cool. There were DeLoreans, MG's, Minis, a few Lotuses and lots of vintage cars. I enjoyed speaking to some very interesting people and had my first Scotch egg. My car was in her first show! Though she was lonely.

I stopped by Publix for their Atlanta Falcons Tailgate Team.
Freddie, Katie and Allison were very sweet.
I rode the bike over and was in Falcon's colors.
Yes, I made their FB page.
There are many more dates on the schedule
so it's not to late to catch them.

Cheerleaders Katie and Allison

Freddie is way cool


Kick-Ass 2 was very good. It had all the fun and action of the first movie and was very entertaining. I was disappointed by the ending. Like the first movie, it had a tragic twist, but what really disappointed me was the sad ending. I could handle the tragedy but the sadness I thought was too much. I wonder if that is so they can take the next one in a different direction?

I caught Star Trek: Into Darkness at the second run theatre and was quite disappointed. The new Kirk is such an arrogant shit it really ruins it for me. I equally don't like the new Spock and Ulhura the action hero is a joke. But I really like Karl Urban. His performance is spot-on as DeForst Kelly and brings the right amount of compassion to the character. The plot was weak and had a huge hole right in the beginning - Kirk determined the attack on the archive, a harmless target, was really a ploy to get the leadership of Starfleet in one room. But since the target was actually a secret military factory, that premise was all wrong. And so it followed that everything was wrong but came out right. I especially didn't like the pale white actor playing the marvelously cultured Kahn. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for that piece of crap.


The July Kink Patrol Art Party at the Shelter was the biggest one yet. Special guest -EM- attracted a huge following and the bar was already busy at 10pm with many people awaiting his first performance. The bar quickky filled with many new faces and ribaldry followed. There were several different types of play going along with the dancing and performances which made the party huge fun. There were several photographers shooting, so I'm sure there will be lots of photographic evidence to be found.

I did much better this time at dividing my time between having fun and taking pictures. I got lots of mug shots, which Capt. Kink already posted, and lots more of people enjoying new experiences. I got great shots -EM- & Cat's first performance but missed the second - Oops! My thanks to Tsubasa and the crew for a great night. My pictures are now posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Oni's Ritual Ho'okola Tiki Party at the Shelter was fun. As expected the theme brought out a sexy bunch of flowered girls and boys. Music by DJP and Jennocide kept the floor busy. Oni looked great in her Tiki-mermaid outfit. I had fun taking pictures, which are now posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Thinking of lost friends: Lesley Entrekin and Katherine Howard


World War Z was good but not great. Although the plot was thin, the action was fine. I was happy they didn't do the typical miracle cure ending like Outbreak. Although they did erroneously pursue the source as if that would help. Also I didn't believe the premise that a disease with an incubation period of 12 seconds could cross oceans but maybe they tried to explain that as it mutated it got faster. Besides that there were many unbelievable moments but they were not too awful. While watching zombie movies I always get stumped when zombies don't attack other zombies. In this one, several zombies are making noise but the other zombies only react when the hero makes noise. How can zombies tell the difference between a zombie breaking something and a human breaking something? In a critical scene, the hero is sneaking around and steps on some broken glass: That's enough noise to attract the zombies. Meanwhile another zombie is moaning loudly and banging against the wall which the other zombies totally ignore - WTF? Not really worth big bucks to see in the theater but certainly worth watching.
I'm not sure why the turnout for this month's Ritual Party by Oni was a little off but we had a great time anyway. The theme; The Devil's Carnival, was new and different and brought out very sexy Ring Mistresses, clowns and several wild animals. The highlight for me was certainly the excellent lyra show by Sadie Hawkins but Oni's grinder show was most excellent too. Of course what really made it fun was the very playful crowd that kept me very busy with photos and stuff. End: the DJ and DJ Ghost did a fine job with the tunes.

It was a fun phot night as many dressed uo in very creative ways. An eample to the right it Sadie as a clown, Tuesday & Oni as a Ring Masters, and Sakurastars as a Lion Tamer. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

I volunteered again to take photographs at the MOAA Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament. Except for the rain it was a lot of fun. The people were very nice and it's a very good cause. Lake Lanier is a beautiful place and the golf course is amazing. I spent most of the day chasing down the teams to take action and group shots with Marcia as my driver. She was a maniac and almost wrecked us several times - But that's what makes it fun and exciting.

This is one of my favourite movie scenes and, since it just happened to me again, a reminder that women are totally fickle.

From the movie, Say Anything, Lloyd Dobler just got dumped by the girl he loved and seeks solice from his friends.


The Kink Patrol Art party at the Shelter was awesome. Lot's of cool people, art and performances. The dance floor was busy all night and I had a great time. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Vivica Hallow was brave enough and gracious enough to come outside and pose for a few shots. They came out great.

I had planned on going to the Secretroom: Halfway to Halloween Angel's & Devil's Ball debut at Museum Bar. And despite the pouring rain and traffic, I drove across Atlanta only to discover there was No Parking because the place adjoins Turner Field and there was a Braves baseball game in progress. I suppose I could have parked far away but really didn't want to walk around that part of town, late at night, in a costume. So I drove back home very disappointed.

I was disappointed with the third Iron Man movie. There was too much action and special effects but not enough story. The new suits do most of the movie and I found that really boring. The plot just seemed stupid as the whole thing didn't make any sense. I think Tony Stark would have killed the bad guy in the first hour not spent dyas chasing him. Guys in the theater with me gave it a c+. The cartoon end credits were the best part. Ther was a stinger at the end which was cute.


Life of PI was over rated and boring.

Oni's Ritual Party at the Shelter was great. It had a Gods and Goddesses theme which mostly ment Toga party but there were several Egyptian Gods as well as Angels, Demons and a variety of joke derivatives. It was a fun night. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

I finished and paid my taxes and WOW did that hurt!

I went to Imperial Dreams by the Imperial OPA Circus. It was more get together of artists than actual performance which I was not expecting and found some what disappointing. The turnout was much less than I had anticipated too.

I was disappointed by G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Of course I expected the unrealistic stunts but I hate revisionalist scenes where they rewrite what you saw in other movies to make bad-guys wholesome or bring them back to life when they were totally dead. That and the actors/characters I came to see getting written out in the first few minutes - Sucked.

Lincoln the academy award winning movie was horribly boring and uninformative. I understand completely why is did poorly at the box office. Good acting but terrible directing and script. Made an interesting moment in history completely uninteresting and impossible to understand.


Lithium Dreamís: Fallen Angel Art Show at the Doo Gallery had some very good art. Unfortunately it had a very poor turnout. I understand there were several events happening that night and heavy rain which probably kept people away. Too bad, it was a good time.

I had a great time at Mon Cherie's Rocky Horror Fetish Show. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Tsubasa's March Kink Patrol Art Party at the Shelter was a blast. There were fun new faces, wonderful old friends, Cory and Liz performed two sensuous shows and the girls-in-blue were very sexy. As usual, the Shelter crew was wonderful and DJ Jennocide and DJ Ghost were great. I was a little disapponted that some people who said they were coming didn't show - What's up with that? Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

Oni's Ritual Party at the shelter was awesome. The annual Catholic School theme party was a huge success. There were fun new faces, wonderful old friends, awesome outfits and green St. Patty's day rope for the adventurous. The Shelter crew was wonderful and DJ Jennocide and DJ 313 were great. The only fly in the ointment was the shortage of chalk for the perfect picture. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

I went out to see Jack Reacher; the latest Tom Cruise movie. It was full of action, similar to a Jason Bourne movie, with fights, car chases and bullets. It wasn't bad but not really good either - Standard action stuff. Stange he never kissed the girl but she was very uptights and had daddy issues.


I went to a blood drive at Casa Montesouri school. The tiny furniture was very amusing. More amusing was the little kids trying to be helpful and escorting the adults across the parking lot to the blood-truck. I don't know why we doing it in the truck instead of the building but the kids really thought we needed help getting to and from the building: As if giving blood made us weak enough to drop any second. But they did have a huge food spread with fruits and chocolates and chips.

Jennifer Daniels put on her usual great show at the Red Clay Theater. It was a fun night, she told some funny stories about her dog and stories about the twins. She was dressed in a nice black blouse and slacks instead of her usual jeans because the show was being recorded for a future DVD. Her earings didn't cooperate and kept falling out but that's just part of the funny that is her show. Her gold shoes were pretty unusal too.

Ritual: Oni's Valentine's Masquerade Ball at the Shelter was a huge success. The club was packed with mysterious and sexy people in masks dancing like crazy. DJs Catt Ninetails and DJP kept the dance floor full all night. Oni did a wonderful job decorating the club. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)


The first Kink Patrol Art party of 2013 was epic. There was amazing art by Mojofoto and Lee David. The host, Tsubasa, and his model assistant Valkyrie put on very sexy shibari performances while DJ Jennocide and DJ Ghost played tunes that kept the dance floor rockin.' Mistress Candella, Foxy Roulette, Betty Blue and several adventurous kinksters provided all kinds of sexy eye candy. It was an amazing night. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

Flight with Denzel Washington was a terrible movie. It was not about an aircraft accident nor was it about an aircraft investigation: It was a two hour sermon on the evils of alcohol and alcohol abuse. Why do I have to pay my money to be lectured by some holier-than-thou director about alcohol. I want my money back and I want my time back.

Every year, when the theme of Speakeasy Gangsters comes back around to Oni's Ritual party at the Shelter, I get really excited. Not only are the flapper girls' costumes great but the men actually dress-up too. It's not that difficult for guys to find a black shirt and white tie, so participation grows which leads to more fun and more great pictures. This year, Aimee graciously provided a very cool Crescent Moon seat that became a beautiful backdrop. It was a wonderful night. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

DJ Ghost and DJ SpinMonkey mixed in more dance music then usual which seemed to be well received. I especially liked when they played the theme from Peter Gunn. Thanks to everyone for coming out in the rain and making such a fun night.

I celebrated New Year's Eve with friends at the Shelter. The theme was New Wave New Year's Eve with 80's music and some wearing styles from the 80's. A guy dressed as David Lee Roth was the best. I wore an old shirt from a 1989 Mike & the Mechanics concert. The music was fun, the place was well decorated and everyone had a good time.

After the midnight champagne toast, as the crowd began to thin out, Gracie encouraged me to do bad things to her friend Amanda. I had planned on being good but could not resist. I think it was enjoyable for all involved. It was especially funny to watch the naughtiness spread around the room with light debauchery resulting. The silly string battle just made it more colorful. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code).

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