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Stefan's Year in Review
(2008 Edition)


I went to the Secretroom New Year's Eve party at 2High Studios and had a teriffic time. They totally hosed the count-down but I was having too much fun to care. I took lot's of pictures, saw some great performances, and made new friends. The link and code for the pictures will be posted on the January 2009 news page.

The Silver Scream Spookshow at the Plaza Theatre was pretty cool. Actors and burlesque dancers performed a half hour routine before the show using cheap props and bad acting. It was done as an improvisational musical. The theme of of the show was stealing famous body parts to rebuild the Frankenstein monster who had been destroyed in a car accident. It was very entertaining.

Then the main feature, an old film copy of Mad Monster Party. It's a stop motion movie like Frosty the Snowman. Seeing it in a theatre with lots of other people was fun. BUT they had to buy it on EBAY and the copy had faded badly making it look pink and monotone when it should have been a vibrantly coloured movie. It's especially painful to know they paid $350 for the film when the remastered DVD costs $9.99. Hey, that's showbiz.

Heather and Santa at CyberaverCyberaver X-Mass party was spectacular! The Jungle was decked out in Lasers and holiday decorations for a high-tech Cyber Rave with several DJs and lots of cool people. Coproduced with Secretroom.

Pictures are posted and very colourful. I didn't lock them because everyone behaved and kept their clothing on - for a change. But very sexy cyberdolls may not be work safe depending on your work environment.

Stephanie Sweet made a video: It isn't high-def but it's cool - SS.TV - Cyberaver
Highlighted in the vid are: Blue, Fun Size, Marilyn, JSin, Jeannie, Siva and Mz K.

Paul Mercer performed his version of A Christmas Carol as part of the Ghosts Project at the The Highland Inn Ballroom. I was not expecting a full play with actors and a singer and was very pleasantly surprised. Not too many people dressed up but it was still very entertaining. Special guests included Daemon Young, Davis Petterson, Minka Wiltz, Kitty Love and Evil Sarah. A few pictures are posted.Paul Mercer and the Ghosts

Don Henry, Nathan Bell, and Angela Kasset put on a nice show at The Swallow at the Hollow. As usual good food and good music made for a pleasant evening.

Oni at Phobia's XXX-Mas partyThe Agoraphobia XXX-mas party was awesome. Lots of cool people showed up and the shows were splendid. In the first performance a housewife got drunk and naked. Evil Sarah performed in the second show as a holiday doll came to life and borrowed the Christmas presents of fetish lingerie - Excellent! Unfortunately I was distracted and missed the third show, a repeat of last year's, Oni and Jody doing Dick in a Box. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

After months of trying to get Citimortgage to obey the law and end my PMI, I've given up and initiated a new loan with another bank. They've agreed to lower my interest rate and not require PMI for a reasonable fee. This is totally stupid since I have 25% equity now, but Citi still won't obey Federal law that dictates PMI automatically end at 22% equity. I filed a complaint with the FTC but it's done no good. What really grinds my gears is that I purposely got my mortgage with Homebanc because the people were very nice - but they sold my loan immediately and then it was resold to Citi. What's to prevent that from happening again?


I had a nice Thanksgiving with friends. Afterward I bought a Cajun fried turkey from Popeye's and had turkey for a week - Yummy.

LUST played a nice show at a coffee shop called Kavarna. It was a good show with a Thanksgiving theme: The girls dressed as sexy Pilgrims and the drummer wore a turkey costume. The opening band Uncle Daddy and the Kissing Cousins was very funny - I'd like to see them again.

Batman: the Dark Knight was really awful. Yes, Heath did a wonderful job but who cares? The movie was over the top violent for no reason. It was slow, boring and too unrealistic. The city searched every bridge and hospital but couldn't find hundreds of bombs? The nobody noticed thousands of barrels of explosives on the ferry? Give me a break!

I was one of the few people to see Repo! The Genetic Opera at the Plaza Theatre. I'm glad I got to go, because seeing it on the big screen with an audience was a far different experience than watching it at home on DVD. It was a strange movie but I really liked the costumes and thought the plot was interesting. I wasn't really impressed with the acting or the music, except for Sarah Brightman's singing which I thought was awesome and Joan Jett singing the song seventeen. Paris Hilton was beautiful though not a very good actor. After the movie, director Darren Bousman and Grave Robber, Terrance Zdunich answered questions. I was very surprised to learn how low budget (8M) it was and that it was filmed in only one month. That explained the low quality. They also described the behind-the-scenes politics with Lionsgate and how torrents killed its chances of going to regular theaters which was very interesting. Overall, it was a good experience.

Shalom Cobb at the Atlanta Jewish Community Center was disappointing. Too few activities for adults, poor food selection, and a very limited number of booths made it a waste of a trip over.


The Secretroom Halloween Party at 2High Studios was a lot of fun. Voodoo Velkro played an awesome set with lots of sexy dancers on stage. There were a large number of people in great costumes and several excellent stage shows. The venue was large but not big enough for the turnout - It got very crowded. Outside there was a pirate ship and fire performers. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

Tokio Hotel played to a room of screaming teenage girls at the Tabernacle. There was no opening band and they played a short one hour, so I feel I didn't get much for my $35, and I was disappointed they sang only English songs, until the very end.

I really wish I could say nice things about the Hexxt party at Lenny's Bar but, since I left before anything happened, I can't. I got there early and it was mostly dead. A burlesque dancer performed at 10:15, but the place was still mostly empty when I left at 11pm. I don't know when or if Psi Vamp and Prognosis performed but on a weekday I couldn't wait around all night to find out. Also, I did see Marilyn Chen as I left but I didn't see she had any art posted. Overall, it was quite disappointing.
Saint Pauli Girl
2008 L5P Halloween Parade

I finally got to see the the USAF Thunderbirds at the Wings Over Marietta Air Show. It was a good show with lot's of aircraft to see and continuous performances all day. I even got to lay down in the refueling bed of the KC-135. And while the Thunderbirds did a great show, it was hard to see from so close-up, seeing it on TV is actually better.

There was fun to be had at the annual Little Five Points Halloween Festival. Lot's of fun costumes and floats make it great. There were funny pirates with Vote for Sparrow signs, some excellent giant skeletons, and I even ran into Kevin Rej for the first time in years. Many cute girls in the crowd posed for pictures too. See the picture gallery here.

I gave Hurrydate a second try, mostly because it was a free do-over. Not enough people showed for the first one so I got a pass. There were more women this time, seven, but still not the minimum guaranteed so I get another pass. It wasn't a bad experience and the women were nice but I wasn't really attracted to any of them. The one I liked the most was very blunt that she was divorced with children. I like kids but it really makes dating complicated and difficult. It was held at a sushi bar called Aiko which is a nice place.

It was a beautiful day for the Hot Rods and Hillbillyz Car Show. But after a few hours in the sun I gave up on seeing the Psycho DeVilles and went to the movies. I saw the third mummy movie: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor at the Picture show at Merchants Walk. It was okay but not great. I missed Rachel Weiss and Jet Li wasn't in enough scenes.

I missed the Oakland Cemetery Festival and a Jennifer Daniels show due to a plumbing disaster at my house. It was costly but non-destructive. I was really looking forward to the Victorian costume contest - Anybody got pictures they could share?

The 2008 Harvest Art Show was extraordinary. The art was beautiful with a variety of styles and techniques on display. The audience really dressed to impress too. Twigglet and Krikett put on an amazing show about Sandro Botticelli painting the The Birth of Venus. The concept involved Venus coming to life and exiting the canvas: They make love - Very hot! Later, Oni gave one girl a birthday paddling and Evil Sarah performed a sexy alien burlesque. There was even a marriage proposal (She said yes). Everybody had fun but the night ended too soon. Pix are posted (Write me for the entry code)The Birth of Venus

Agoraphobia Productions hosted a great Harvest Pre-Party at Spring4th. The weather was perfect and a lot of people came out for a fun time. Lady Arcane put on several hot shows and audience participation was encouraged.
Pix are posted (Write me for the entry code)


It was a long drive, but I enjoyed the FFF in Charlotte. I made a few new friends, caught up with many old friends, and had fun at two extraordinary parties. The photo gallery is posted (Write me for the entry code). Maybe we won't have petrol drama during the next one.

The North Georgia State Fair was fun as always. The weather was cool and the food was delish. Going with two families this year with lots of children was a bonus. There was suppose to be a third family but they ran out of gas and couldn't come.

I was introduced to a wonderful new band called Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. They opened for The Shanghai Gesture at the E.A.R.L and had attracted a good size audience of about 150 people. Unfortunately most everyone left soon after they played and there were only about 30 people left when Shanghai Gesture took the stage. Win Win Winter from Tampa opened the show but weren't very good.

The School Girls gather around Jsin

The Electrohurtz Back-to-School Girls Rule! party at The Mark was fun. While not one of my favourite venues, the music and the people were really enjoyable. I arrived late, because I was at the Yard Dog's Show, and probably missed most of the crowd, but it was still fun. Most importantly, I was in time for the performance by Lady Arcane and Mika. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)
Can you believe such naughty behavior?

I always enjoy the Yard Dogs Road Show and this year's performance was great. I love the silliness and the pretty dancers: Both belly and burlesque. It was a little lighter on acts than previous shows but the music and burlesque were right on. The opening act, The Indigo Belly Dance Company [Myspace link] was delightful. Zoe was my favourite dancer.

There were some wild people at the Agoraphobia DragonCon Chill Party. The theme was suppose to be relaxation but it was more like a final blowout. People were dressed well, dancing, drinking and playing. I had a really good time and the pictures show it (Not at all work safe).

To the right you can see what happens when one electrified person touches another and another etc. Their clothing just falls right off! Phobia party pictures (Write me for the entry code)

Phobia Electrical Daisy Chain


Finishing out my Labour Day weekend fun, I went to the 2008 DriveInvasion at the Starlight Drive-In for music, cars and movies. It was great! There were many beautiful and classic cars and several outstanding bands as well as hot babes. I really enjoyed the Luchagors and the PsychoDevilles. During the breaks I took several most excellent pictures. Usually I leave late in the afternoon. but since the weather was so nice, I stuck around and caught two movies: Forbidden Planet and Barbarella. The fireworks were a surprise bonus.

  Parking my bike on the sidewalk - Zero dollars
  Loitering in the hotel lobby - Zero dollars
  Revenge DragonCon pictures - Priceless!

While I didn't attend DragonCon this year, since I'm still very angry about last year and the fire marshal, I did crash one of the hotels for a few hours to take pictures. That was fun, I got some wonderful pictures, And I feel better. But I'm disappointed I missed all the fun panels, bands, people, stars... Pix are posted.

I went to Corks and Forks at the 6th Annual Grant Park Summer Shade Festival which was nice. Several high-brow Atlanta restaurants offered food and wine samples which were pretty good though very meager portions. The festival was nice too. I didn't stay for the bands.

Rachel Farley played a good show at the Swallow at the Hollow. Unfortunately the audience didn't cooperate and the noise was very loud. I wouldn't have guessed she was only 13 because she looked old enough to drink too me. But her mom was there the keep the riff-raff away. Her style was more soul-country than I prefer and she likes to slow songs down but it was still nice.

Camping at Sebago Lake Maine was fun. It rained a little but mostly the weather was nice and sunny. The lake was cold but that didn't keep us from swimming. The monsters are getting older and bigger and I suspect some won't be there for my next visit. Still, I had a relaxing vacation.

I went to a Hurrydate meetup at Aiko and was very disappointed. Only five women showed up and I was very confused by the process. Five minutes turned out to be too short for just about anything and I really didn't get to know my dates at all. I guess I could have judged on physical appearance alone but since none of them were my ideal that would have killed it before it started. The good news is that I get to do it again since the turnout was so low.

KT Tunstall played a nice show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The weather cooperated for a nice outdoor night though it was a little warm. She put a different style on the songs than the CD which was a little less exciting but everyone still enjoyed the shows. She made jokes and told stories which was also nice. Audience participation was not a sing-a-long but a type of human wave she called a pulse. She asked people in the front row to throw up their arms and for the next row to follow suit. This pulse flew down the lawn and reflected back. She wanted it to continue randomly throughout the show but it didn't happen. Overall, a good time.

KT Tunstal athe the Atlanta Botanical Gardens 2008


Bill, Nicotine and the gang

The third installment of Kink Patrol was an amazing combination of people, performances and fashion. Special guest Rubberdoll, from Tampa, not only put on great show but spent the night being friendly with everyone. She socialized, posed for pictures, and acted as if she was hosting the party - She's a really sweet pervert. Malloy Martini was also there, filming for Playboy TV. Io (from Augusta), TopCat (From L.A.) and Twigglet (from Charlotte) were the other incredible performances. The music was fantastic and the place was still buzzing with excitement when they had to push everyone out at 3am.

Centered in the picture on the left is one of the organizers of the party, Bill Reichardt AKA Tsubasa. He's a local photographer that has done work for everyone and been published in magazines worldwide. He also has a cool book called Binarotica. His friend John Jennings displayed his super artwork - MysticMphoto

Model Nicotine, on the right, was at the Skin Two party the week previously and stuck around for this show too. Nina on the left is a local beauty. Pictures are posted. (Write me for the entry code)

We caught the 3D version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. I counted 7 major technical plot flaws before I gave up. The movie is preposterous. The special effects, while nice, are not worth going to see. Seeing it in 3D was nice, but still not worth it. It's a very weak movie just for the kids.

I saw Speed Racer at the dollar theater and thought is was visually impressive. The story was decent with complex family and corporate greed issues. If it hadn't been so patronizing to kiddy stuff it could have been good.

Gina was one of the many beauties at the Skin-Two Pre-Party at Wetbar. There were lot's of cool people, hot clothing, and outrageous fun. The fashion shows by Ceresmoon and Vesperi were amazing - I wish I had gotten more pictures. Stars of the night included: Vivian Irene Pierce, Model Nicotine, Ruby Luster, Defenz Mechanizm, and Atlanta's own Kip.

The club was really nice and this year they allowed us to use the VIP area as well. It was really fun catching up with people I hadn't seen for a while and making new friends too. I was exhausted when I got home at 4am.

Pictures are posted. ((Write me for the entry code) You should know the routine, but ask if you don't. Feedback would be appreciated.
Gina at Skin Two Atl 2008

I spent a day at the movies watching: Hellboy II, Hancock and Wanted. Hellboy was more visual than action but very enjoyable. The story made sense, the twists and turns were fun and I liked seeing into the daily lives of Hellboy, Abe, and Liz. I missed David Hyde Pierce as the voice of Abe. The big plot twist in Hancock really threw me and not in a good way. It's a fine movie but not the action flick I was expecting or promised. If I had been told it was a chickflick I would have been properly prepared and not so disappointed. Wanted was weak in many ways, mostly because it didn't live up the it's potential. The basic premise was so twisted and complex and bad that it made the movie bad. The idea that this neurotic accountant is actually an amazing assassin in his genes and could do all those tricks instinctively was totally unbelievable.

Barb n Sue of Lust at the Star Bar Jul 11,2008

Lust put on a good show at the the Star Community Bar. The place was so hot and smoky that I couldn't stick around for Nine Inch Neils or Van Heineken. The bar has changed too: All the memorabilia is gone, except for the Elvis Vault.

Happy Independence Day !! was the theme with Red, White and Blue costumes on the girls and Mustard and Hot Dog suits on the guys.

16 Volt, Bella Morte, and Voodoo Velcro put on a good show at the Masquerade. It wasn't a large turnout, but I expected that it being a Thursday show and high gas prices still keeping many people at home. Lot's of people dressed up which was cool. I saw many people taking pictures which was a big change: I wonder if they've changes their policy too?


Colbie Caillat put on a really good show at the Variety Playhouse. It was the first night on her tour and she only has one CD out but it was still fresh and fun and everyone had a good time. She sang almost the entire Coco CD as well as three covers. All of which had the audience singing along and happy. I was very happy that she told stories and background. For instance, she wrote Tailor Made about her sister who is getting married on July 11th, 2008. [playlist]

She's very beautiful and sweet. She wore a pair of jeans that accentuated her lovely curves. Yummy!

I was surprised at the number of cameras in the theater. At previous shows there, I'd been practically stripped searched and thrown out and therefore didn't bring a camera. But I was the only person without one. It seemed flashes were going off continuously and I saw dozens of screens glowing. Some people even recorded it and I've found several videos on the web already. I found this excellent photo on flickr from RayandAshley.

Photo by Ray and Ashley

I was a little disappointed at the Awakening show at Andrews Upstairs. The band came highly rated, and traveled all the way from South Africa, but really wasn't very exciting. They reminded me of early Rolling Stones. The opening band the juliadream was equally unimpressive. On a positive note, the venue was very nice and I'd enjoy going back there.

Oni and Jody - June 2008 Phobia Party

The June Phobia Party at Sp4th was more disorganized than usual and people didn't show up until 1am which was strange but it was still fun and Oni's show was edgy and sharp. Pictures are posted. The PW is “geisha.”

Jimmy Buffett brought out thousands of Parrot heads to the Lakewood Amphitheater on a beautiful but warm night. He played the big hits and beach balls were flying all around. I was surprised to see many people light sparklers in the grass area. Everyone had a really good time.

We got there early and walked around looking at all the tailgate parties and people dressed up in grass skirts and coconuts bikinis.

Fins to the left - photo by stefan

On my third attempt, I finally managed to have fun and take pictures at MonsterBash, the annual event at the Starlight Drivein. There were some fun bands, some cool cars and several amazing looking chicks. But after baking several hours in the sun, I was too tired to stick around for the movies. The fire department showed up when somebody was overcome by the heat, which opened an opportunity for some fun photos with a demongirl and a fire truck - Yes, we got in trouble. BTW, she was voted Miss Monsterbash 2008.


The Big City Burlesque show: High Heels and Naughty Bits at Seven Stages in L5P 9pm was fun. It was maxxed out in one of the smaller stages which I guess they hadn't expected. I didn't bring my camera because I thought that wouldn't be cool - But apparently everyone else did, because is was like being in a lightening storm. Then afterward, the girls came back out and posed for more pictures. Go figure.

The 3rd Annual 97.1 The River Wing n' Rock Fest at the Marietta Square was delicious. I ate lot's of wings and tried the new Miller Chill beer which wasn't impressive. The wings from WOW Cafe & Wingery, however were excellent.

It's hard to believe, with all the shows I go to, that I'd never been to the The Five Spot before. But, since Diane Durrett was performing, I ventured out to new territory. Diane put on a good show, but the lack of audience made her not take the show seriously. She skipped around and giggled and talked during songs which was disappointing. A small venue, the places has a surprisingly large capacity which looked really empty during the show. Maybe it was gas prices, maybe it was the lack of publicity, but only a handful of people showed up.

A few friends and I went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival and had a great time. The kids really enjoyed the costumes and games and got their faces painted too. I enjoyed a turkey leg and the Dexter Tripp show. It was crowded, but not too hot this time around.

The 2nd KP Party at the Loft was great. There were three good shows and the music was very enjoyable. I enjoyed taking pictures and making new friends. The gallery is posted, just click on the picture. (Write me for the entry code).

There was a conflicting event that night, that split the expected audience which was really unfortunate: But there were still plenty of cool people. Also on the plus side, they had repaired the storm damage and there was more seating and the place looked nicer.

Sara and Skipper

The 19th Annual Mother's Day Pow Wow was fun as always. It poured Saturday night, so when we got there on Sunday there were pools of water everywhere, which made walking around messy. But the frybread was delicious and the fire roasted corn was great. The music, dancing and costumes made the trip worth while. But I forgot to put the battery back in my camera - so no pictures this year.

We caught 10,000 B.C. at the cheap theater. I don't know why the critics were so mean, I thought it was a good movie. I would have written the ending a little differently but it was still entertaining.

Craig Carothers, Randy Sharp, and Don Henry played another good show at The Swallow at the Hollow. I think the place is under new management because the menus are different and the people have changed. Still fun though.

A lot of people turned out for the Phobia Vegas Party but the energy and the fashion was very subdued - I'm not sure why. I saw some friends and spent some time having fun but not as much as previous parties. I only took a handful of pictures because people didn't seem to be in the mood. (That's Allie and Zer Zer - They Looked Amazing that night)

Kitty had started the season off very strong and very early - but is now back on schedule. The vet trip, where they unnecessarily trimmed her nails, spoiled her mood.


Eddie's Attic wants everyone to buy their tickets online now - They've done away with their numbering system which means you lineup on the stairs to get in: Very unpleasant! It spoiled the Jennifer Daniels experience.

Jumper the movie was only fair. The bad guys were shallow and the plot too complex and convoluted. More action and less drama would have been better.

97.1 The River was at the Top Gun ride which was a lot of fun. The ride was exciting as we rode around Kennesaw Mountain with a police escort. There were several hundred riders which, I'm sure, caused havoc with traffic - But it was for a good cause. The picnic afterward had good food too.

Doesn't Rachel Logan look hot? She represented the radio station and acted as MC at the after-party and offered all kinds of prizes with the other River Rats. I got a shirt and a key chain and a coozie and hot sauce. She was a really good sport.

Rachel of 97.1 The River

We went to dinner at Medieval Times and took in a cool show with horses and knights. The food was messy but the show was exciting. I took home a beer glass.

Jeff Dunham brought his puppets to new Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and put on a very funny show. He tailored his show for a red state audience and I'm ambivalent how that makes me feel. It was very funny but at the same time I'm offended that he stereotyped us. He made jokes like "Say Merry Christmas" instead of the more PC Happy Holidays - and the Islamic terrorist sang Christmas tunes. Besides that I was disappointed that Peanut sounded more like the old man than his wacky character used to be. I should mention that the holiday humor was practice for a special he's filming over the summer. The venue had a serious parking problem due to the double show and the rain.

Lt. Col. Gloria Edwards retired from the USAF. I drove down to witness the big event and met her mother and some of her friends. It was bittersweet, but I wish her the best on her new life.

This year's Atlanta Dogwood Festival got washed out by heavy rains. It didn't really matter because it moved to the Lenox Mall parking lot and I wasn't excited about it.


The BIG change occurred March 31st. After 10 years in the C-130J program, I took a new position on the Continuing Air Worthiness Program supporting Lockheed's civilian aircraft. It's a promotion but also a move to another building which means leaving my friends. But on the plus side it's a shorter walk and nicer area.

Scar13 at Kink Patrol #1

The premiere of Kink Patrol at The Loft was good with interesting people and some very creative outfits. There were three performances which were nice. The layout had lots of small alcoves so people could talk. It was a pricey night though- Parking was expensive and drinks were outrageous. But I did take some awesome pictures. ((Write me for the entry code)

On the left is Scar13, the special guest performer of the night.

A big shout out to Anna Evans. She was posing for me when something bad happened - She was a real trooper and kept on going. I'm so glad you didn't get hurt.

The March Phobia Party at Sp4th was great. Everyone was having fun and I took so many pictures! I actually had a few mini-photoshoots with some people I love to shoot. The weather wasn't great, it rained a little all night, but the temperature was nice enough to keep everyone comfortable. The performances were edgier than usual but very entertaining. Pictures are posted. ((Write me for the entry code)

It was a beautiful day so we rode over to the Cheap theater to see I am Legend with Will Smith. I was expecting more action and I could have sworn I saw some scenes in the trailer that were in contradiction with what I saw in the theater. Also there were parts of the story different from "Omega Man" that I didn't like. It was entertaining but I'm glad I didn't pay much.


After driving 5 hours to Nashville and checking in to the hotel, I found out the Jann Arden show at Exit/In was already cancelled! That totally sucked! SUX SUX SUX

I blew a vacation day, spent ten hours in the car and wasted $100 for nothing!I realize she was very sick and I should be understanding - AND I should have checked the website or called before starting the trip, but come on?! How often are concerts cancelled? Argh!

I made some new friends at the Hexxt Love You to Death party at Sp4. A lot of people came out and I was able to shoot lots of pictures. The weather was also nice so being on the patio was quite comfortable. The suspensions were very exciting though hard to capture. Pictures are posted. (Password = "swing")

Kim and Jason at Hexxt

Happy Chinese New Year!   Year of the Rat. I went over to the Chinese Cultural Center (or Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) for their annual CNY celebration. I arrived late and missed the Lion Dance but there was still plenty of food and I enjoyed my visit.

I made my first pilgrimage to Charlotte to attend Purgatory XXXVI. The folks of Singlecell have come to Atlanta many times and I finally got the chance to see them on their home turf. What an excellent adventure that was! The staff were very accommodating and made me feel very welcome. The people were so friendly and adventurous it was just great fun. 500 to 1000 people filled Amos' Southend, dressed for fun and partied from 8pm until 2am with dancing and play and an abundance of naughtiness. The stage shows were terrific but it was the action upstairs that was really impressive as everyday people made use of the experts and equipment available. It was great to reconnect with lost friends from other events too. I was granted a photo pass for the night and will have my pictures posted here shortly. If it weren't for the long drive, I rush right back! I had a great time! Thanks to everyone that made the night possible, to the lovely folks that posed for pictures, and to my new friends. [Pictures are posted. You should already know the password, or ask]

Purgatory Valentine Party
Renea, Spiral, Oni at Phobia - Feb 2008

Phobia was fun but very cold. The Burlesque shows were excellent and I saw lots of friends having a good time. The highlights included Barb of Sirens of the South performing a sketch to the Frank Sinatra tune Blowing Bubbles and Renea doing a wonderful fan dance. I've posted a few pictures. (Write me for the entry code)

I stopped briefly at the 2008 Great American Motorcycle show. I'd forgotten how much I liked that show and wished I could have stayed longer. It's so much friendlier than the Atlanta Motorcycle Show because the vendors talk with you and let you touch their stuff.


The ski trip to North Carolina was fun. The temperature was just right for snow in the mountains so we drove up. It was a very long drive and we got lost and ended up on this wild goat path/back road. But finally we got there and hit the slopes.

We started on Friday at Sugar and had a good time. They were making slow so we had to dodge snow guns on most of the trails. On some of the ski lifts we actually passed through the spray which was unpleasant. My buddy spent most of the afternoon in the ski-school so we didn't get to ski together much.

On Saturday we switched to Beech where we met the bunnies. Rachel works the ski school desk and Stephanie is an instructor. The place isn't well laid out and there are a lot of stairs when you arrive. Leaving the lodge you have to go through the ski school area, which is silly. Still, we had a great day and hope to go back if the weather cooperates.

Rachel and Steph at Beech

The Atlanta Motorcycle Show at the World Congress Center was not very exciting. We weren't allowed to touch the really cool bikes and I'd seen all the others already so what's the thrill? The room was 95% male which was also very disappointing. The good thing is that I got in free and got a free calendar, But I don't think I need to go back ,ever!

Gretchen Peters put on a nice show at Eddie's Attic. I knew she wrote Independence day, but I didn't know she wrote My Baby Loves Me the Way That I Am too. She's a good singer but it's obvious to me why she makes her living writing instead. Eddies was pretty crowded when the opening act Sean something opened, but most people left before the show ended.

It snowed in Georgia yesterday. There were big fluffy flakes falling as I drove home, but while I stopped for groceries the snow had turned to sleet and rain. They was little left as I got home so no pictures. The kitty was not amused.

Michelle and Kip at Electrohurtx - Jan 2008

JSin planned a redo of New Year's Eve as part of the regularly scheduled Electrohurtz event. Held at the Mark Ultralounge on January 11th, this late NYE party was wild and full of energy. Several hundred people filled the bar and danced and socialized well past the midnight countdown. I did my best to capture some images but it was extremely crowded and there are so many mirrors that there's really no way to compose a good shot. Adding to the chaos, people were constantly walking through and pushing and the subjects couldn't hear my directions. But I had a few hours of fun and caught-up with some friends.

The Mark is made up of three rooms in downtown Atlanta. The entry room and backroom are long and narrow, maybe 12 feet wide, with comfortable seating and full service bars. The middle room is larger with a dance floor but still less than 15 feet wide. The staff opened the rooms in stages which was really annoying because it got uncomfortably crowded waiting for the next room to open. When enough people showed up to make it interesting, it became too crowded to actually have fun. Located just down from the Tabernacle and across from a Federal building, security concerns have resulted in excellent lighting in area: But there were still numerous people pan handling. On the way out to my car, being only person walking around at the very wee hours of the morning was uncomfortable.

Happy New Year!

My new year has started on a very quiet note. We'll have to see if that's a good or bad omen for the future.

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