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Joan Jett Concert Review 4-20-99

At the Beav Rivage Biloxi MI

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I was in Biloxi, Mississippi for a business trip and was lucky enough to catch Joan Jett in concert. She was performing all week at the Beau Rivage Casino in the Coast Brewing Company Bar. The show really satisfied my fetish.

The bar was your standard bar with room for a few hundred. The staff was pretty rude and tried to reserve the tables for VIP guests. But once the concert started everyone rushed the stage and the people at the tables couldn't see anyway.

As you may have already read on the bulletin board, the first night had several technical problems. The manager said they blew the sound board which delayed the start of the show from 11pm to almost midnight. I had to be at work at 6am and was not amused. Then the curtains wouldn't open more than a few feet and Joan was pissed! Some stage hands held it open a little more, but after a three songs, she stopped and made them fix the curtains. Everyone was much happier when they could see the whole band. There were only a few Jettheads, maybe 20, and a bunch of gamblers taking advantage of the show opening night (Monday). Closing night however (Saturday), the real Jettheads showed up and the energy was fantastic. Lots of girls pushed against the stage and "Showed" their appreciation directly to Joan.

Joan was in her now usual leather and latex outfit accessorized by a whip and wearing leather wrist bands and a chain choker. Her hair is still short punk blonde. The show definitely had a "Fetish" theme: But that is the name of her new CD, so what did you expect?

She played a killer music set that really energized the room. Although I saw both opening night and closing night, and she played the same music set each time, I'm not complaining. The show was great both times.


  1. Bad Reputation
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Light of Day
  4. Friend to Friend
  5. Androgynous
  6. Love is Pain
  7. Love is All Around
    (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)
  8. Baby Blue
  9. Road Runner
  10. Fetish
  11. Touch
  12. Fake Friends
  13. I Want to be Your Dog
  14. I Love Rock and Roll
  15. Crimson and Clover
  16. I Hate Myself


  17. Wild Child (Iggy Pop)
  18. Everyday People

I took many pictures the first night but only two closing night. I figured there's no point in being really obnoxious, I got my shots. I didn't take pictures when they were looking at me either, because I was trying not to flash in their eyes. Still the pictures came out pretty good. However, I don't think I'll bring a camera again.

I left immediately after the Monday concert since I had to be at work early the Tuesday morning: But I stayed late after the Saturday show. That's when I got Joan Jett's autograph on my new CD (Fetish) and got our picture taken.

I really enjoyed the shows and am looking forward to next time.

I hope to see you there!

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Updated 15 May 1999
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