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Joan Jett Concert Review 3-27-97

Ticket Stub from concert
Joan Jett at Tuxedo Junction 3/27/97

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The concert was fantastic in Pure and Simple terms. The music and energy was just incredible. What's more there was lots of surprises.
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The first was when Joan Jett came out on stage with short Blonde hair. Gone was the long black mane of the past. It didn't splatter us with sweat when she shook her head. Not one to disappoint, she spit water on us instead. Cool!
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Old JJ pix from Collegian
(Collegian Photo / Shawn Knapp)

Also gone was the traditional black lace catsuit. It was replaced by a Latex tank top which she graciously lifted to expose her body jewelry. In the nine years I've been going to her concerts, this was the first one I've seen without the catsuit. The tank top did allow us to see her several tattoos, including one on the small of her back and one on the back of her neck.
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While there was no new album to promote, this concert definitely had a theme. Her black bandanna wrist band was replaced by two leather wrist bands. She hung one red and one black bandanna from her belt which was also adorned with a whip and chains. Was that a new pride sticker on her guitar? She included many new songs, including "Baby Bleu", "Androgynous", "Kiss on the Mouth", "Naked", and "Fetish", but strangely didn't sing "Torture." I really wonder how many in the audience know who "Bleu" is?
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[In answer to the e-mail, yes Joan does look a little like her with the new hair style.]

I can't remember all the songs, but she opened with "Bad Reputation" and "Cherry Bomb". "Backlash" was also near the beginning. "I Want to be Your Dog", "Light of Day", "Love is All Around", and "Do You Wanna Touch Me" were near the middle, and,"Go Home", "Crimson and Clover" and "I love Rock and Roll" were the finale. The first encore included "Everyday People" and she really surprised us with a second encore. I may have gotten the order mixed up, but she played them all and more.
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Of course the sound system failed several times, giving Joan a chance to quote her favorite poems. Tuxedo Junction was extremely hot too. I wonder why her concerts are always sweat fests? The band members eventually took off their tops, exposing several matching body piercings. It's good to see a band with that kind of togetherness.
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It was especially nice of the band to hang out afterwards and talk to us.
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Thanks, I had a great time, and best of all, only One fight broke out. My ears are ringing and my throat is sore, so I'm going to bed. Good Night.
How many times did we sing "Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah?"

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