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Television History

In June 1992 CBS introduced a very controversial TV series called Grapevine. It was suppose to be a short summer test of a TV show not planned for the fall schedule. Only six episodes were ever broadcast. The show was about relationships but was doomed because was too racy. Modern romances are very complicated and this show was just too sexy for broadcast TV. Though very popular with fans and the critics it was quicky canceled. Similar shows on cable, like Sex and the City, have done very well.

On February 28th, 2000 CBS tried to air the show again, slightly retuned, as a mid-season replacement. But again it was canceled after only six episodes. I wasn't surprised since I didn't like the new version. It was too soapy, poorly cast, and too watered down. It didn't have any of the charm or humor of the original. Read the 2000 build-up here and revisit the 2000 episodes here.

NOTE - I have been asked several times for copies of the shows. I do not have the capability of coping them and even if I did, I would not do it because that would be illegal. I know other people do that kind of thing but I'm sorry, I have a good life and am not going to put it as risk for a total stranger. Try writing CBS - Maybe if there's enough interest they will make a DVD. I sure would like better versions myself.

Summary (1992 Version)

Three friends - Susan, David, and Thumper gossip about a couple they all know going through some kind of relationship crisis. Each week a new couple is introduced along with several supporting characters. The problems are always sexually related either directly of indirectly. As the couple works through the issues, the others talk to the camera to give their point of view or advice. Some of the topics include virginity, infidelity, impotence, commitment, voyeurism, pillow talk and sex toys.

Lynn Clark as Susan
Lynn Clark as Susan

Susan Crawford is David's girl friend, an executive with a cruise line. This gives her a way to meet lots of people and provides endless story lines.

Lynn Clark continued to act for a few more years.

Jonathan Penner as David Jonathan Penner as David David Klein is a restaurant owner and dating Susan. His restaurant is also a great source for new characters.

Jonathan Penner became a TV producer and appeared on three episodes of Survivor.

Steven Eckhold as Thumper

Thumper Klein, David's brother, is a TV sports commentator. He is a real womanizer and his character provides easy access to celebrity sleaze. He's a great source for kiss and tell stories. He's a total P.I.G. which is totally hilarious.

Steven Eckholdt went on to Melrose Place, It's Like You Know., Grapevine 2000, and many other projects.

One frustrating thing about the show was that they didn't run credits immediately. David would close the show with “That's All I Heard” and they would cut to commercials. Several minutes later they would return for the credits but by then, either my tape had stopped or I'd turned it off. So I can only add the actors names as I recognize them on other shows. Any info visitors could add would be appreciated.

Episode Summaries

Pilot Aired 15 Jun 92

Episode 1-1 The Janice and Brian Story

Janice is an HR executive at the cruise line with Susan and, believe it or not, is still a virgin. All her life she was very fat and men ignored her. Now, that she's lost the weight, and looks hot, she's ready to bed the right man. Brian is a hunky auto mechanic that fixes her dead car battery. They begin to date until they run into Henry, Janice's old boss. Henry wants her bad, now that he's divorced. Since Janice had always had a crush on Henry, she quickly dumps Brian. Henry quickly pops Janice's cherry and shortly afterward, afraid of losing her to a younger man, asks her to marry him. They fly off to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. But, Liz, Henry's ex-wife, sends a prostitute to Henry's room while Janice it out getting a message. The wedding is called off when Janice catches Henry in the act. Janice returns to Brian for a happy ending. The funny interjections are made by the Nutritionist that helped Janice lose the weight. Brian's Mom has a few lines but his Dad only repeats, “I wouldn't say that.”


Liz Vassey as Janice, Grapevine 1992

Janice is an HR worker at the same cruise line as Susan and they go to the gym together. BTW, she's still a virgin.

Liz Vassey who went on to fame as Captain Liberty (Maid America) on the Tick and many other TV appearences.

Dean Cane as Brian, Grapevine 1992 Brian - Brian just got out of the Army and is working in his dad's garage.

Dean Cain went on to play superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and host Ripley's Believe it or Not.
Stan Ivar as Henry, Grapevine 1992 Stan Ivar as Henry, Grapevine 1992 Henry is Janice's old boss who owns a hotel.

Stan Ivar went on to play dozens of characters on TV and in the movies including Little House on the Praire, Star Trek: Voyager and Who's the Boss.
Victoria Bass as Liz, Grapevine 1992 Victoria Bass as Liz, Grapevine 1992 Liz is Henry's ex-wife and a total bitch.

Victoria Bass continued to act for many years.

Episode 1-2 Aired June 22, 1992

The Katie and Adam Story

Katie, a TV journalist, marries Adam, an accountant. Their relationship is good but not very exciting and Katie is troubled because Adam doesn't express his feelings. Katie's career takes off after she does a story about a lottery winner. When Greg enters the picture, as Katie's new boss, sparks fly. At first they fight but he provides Katie the adventure she needs. Soon she and Greg start having an affair. Eventually they decide to divorce their spouses and get together. But after Katie breaks up with Adam, Greg gets cold feet and won't leave Marsha. This episode ends sadly ending with Katie and Adam moving to different state.


Mariska Hargitay as Katie, Grapevine 1992 Mariska Hargitay as Katie, Grapevine 1992 Katie is bored in her mariage and disappointed that Adam doesn't tell her he loves her enough.

Mariska Hargitay went on to huge success on Can't Hurry Love, ER, and Law and Order:SVU
Michael Knight as Adam, Grapevine 1992 Adam is Katie's husband, an accountant who loses his job. His marriage deteriorates because he isn't exciting, doesn't express his love well and isn't aggressive enough.

Michael Knight continues to act.
John Terlesky as Greg, Grapevine 1992 John Terlesky as Greg, Grapevine 1992 Greg is a jerk of a manager who always makes a bad first impression. By today's rules he would have lost his job big time for sexual harassment in the work place.

John Terlesky continued to act but was more successful writing and directing.
Karen Leigh Hopkins plays Marsha, Grapevine 1992 Marsha is Greg's dutiful wife that either never suspects he's cheating or never admits she knows.

Karen Leigh Hopkins continued to act, write, direct and produce.
Avery Sommers as Dorothy, Grapevine 1992 Dorothy - Played by Avery Sommers plays a lottery winner, the subject of one of Katie's most popular news stories.
 Clarence Thomas as Leonard, Grapevine 1992 Leonard - Clarence Thomas plays the husband of the lottery winner. They break up because he insists on controlling the money.
Jim McDonald as Paratrooper, Grapevine 1992 Jim McDonald plays a Paratrooper, the subject of one of Katie's stories. He takes her on a skydive. He is seen wearing a desert camouflage uniform because Desert Storm was still in progress during filming.
Robert Zeihn as Fabian, Grapevine 1992 Fabian - Robert Zeihn plays Katie's new boyfriend after her marriage and affair fall apart.
Sandy Mielke as Adam's boss, Grapevine 1992 Adam's Boss coldly fires Adam on a putt-putt golf course.

Sandy Mielke left acting shortly after this show and is retired in Miami.

Episode 1- 3 Aired June 29, 1992

The Fran and Joey Story

Joey moves to Miami to be with his sick grandmother, where he meets Fran in the hospital who is caring for her sick grandfather. Joey can't stay in his grandmother's house because he's allergic to her cat, so he moves in with Fran. Fran waitresses in David's restaurant while finishing her Master's degree in marine biology. While Fran immediately falls for Joey, he doesn't feel the same and thinks of her as his little sister. Joey's infatuated with Olivia, the rich, exotic and famous woman of his dreams. Olivia is married to a famous Latin singer, Raphael and has a child. While Joey is in bed with Olivia she doesn't let him, “Do it.” Instead she turns to the night table and says she prefers something else. Then says to the camera “I don't like to have to depend on a man.” Meanwhile Fran is sleeping with her professor but can't stop calling him “Professor Kimball” in bed. Olivia's gay friend, Victor, has some of the best lines.


Paula Marshall as Fran Paula Marshall as Fran Fran is a grad student having an affair with her professor and working in David's restaurant. She falls in love with Joey but he in infatuated with Olivia.

Paula Marshall went on to many other series: Wild Oats, Chicago Sons, Seinfeld, Spin City, Snoops, Cupid, Hidden Hills, Out of Practice, and Veronica Mars.

JoeyJoey - Is an out of work piano player torn between two women. Joey confesses to David and Thumper that he is sleeping with Olivia but not having intercourse. “It's like playing in the game and being in the audience at the same time. ”

Kenny Johnston continues to act but never got his big break.
Ely Pouget as OliviaOlivia - Is a former model married to Rafael. She owns a disco and has a son named Edwardo. She's bored with her life and seduces Joey to keep her entertained while Rafael is out of town.

Ely Pouget - Continues to act on numerous TV series including Walker, Texas Ranger, Murder She Wrote, and many others.
Kirsten Lara Getchell as BeckyBecky dated Thumper in college and was on the tennis team. He spied on her because he thought she was cheating on him, which she was.

Kirsten Lara Getchell - Continued to act but found more success as a photographer.
professor kimball Professor Kimball - An oceanography professor having an affair with his grad student. He's frustrated that she keeps calling him professor in bed.

Can anyone identify the actor?
Rafael Rafael is Olivia's huband, a famous singer.

Can anyone identify the actor?
Rafael's backup singer Rafael is having an affair with his Backup Singer who says “Ooh Ooh Baby” a lot.

Can anyone identify the actress?
Victor Victor is Olivia's gay photographer friend

Can anyone identify the actor?

Special thanks to Dave in Miami - The only person in the world to have this episode recorded.

Episode 1- 4 Aired July 6, 1992

The Lisa and Billy Story

Lisa and Billy are engaged to be married. But a women from Billy's past, Karen shows up and has an affair with him. There is also a rumor that Karen had an affair with her brother, who was killed running with the bulls in Spain.

Good quotes

Mom - (After convincing Lisa to Mary Billy) I told her to go in with her eyes open. I never told her the catering deposit was non-refundable. She might have suspected my motives.
Diver - (After Lisa drops the wedding ring in the lake) That's the first time I ever went diving for a diamond ring.
Karen - (After Billy asks her if she sleep with her brother) You don't really want me to answer that. If I say yes, you'll be disappointed. If I say No, you'll be really disappointed.


Courtney Thorne Smith as Lisa Closeup of Courtney Lisa owns a T-shop called The Big Tease.

Courtney Thorne-Smith went blond and achieved stardom on Melrose Place, Ally McBeal, According to Jim and Two and a Half Men.
Patrick Warburton as Billy

Billy: A cowboy lawyer who is madly in love with Lisa but is about to make a big mistake with Karen.

Patrick Warburton went on to regular roles on Designing Women, Dave's World, Seinfield and The Tick. He's currently on Rules of Engagement.

Yancy Butler as Karen Yancy Butler as Karen, Grapevine 1992

Karen is an artist who is in love with Billy and will do anything to get him. Runor has it that she had an affair with her brother.

Yancy Butler, took went on to Mann and Machine and South Beach both of which tanked. Then she succeeded for two seasons on Witchblade. She's been in several movies and has been very successful on television since.

Marc Macaulay as Randall

Randall shot his wife, Loreen, in a jealous rage and is now on trial. He's being defended by Billy.

Marc Macaulay continued to play dozens of characters on television.

Loreen Loreen

Loreen and her lover were caught in the act by Randall and she was shot in the left breast. Randall says he paid for her breast operation and, “Her breasts were as good as new.” She replies, “Better than new,” with a big grin.

Emilio a hotel manager in Pamplona Spain

Emilio manages a hotel in Pamplona, Spain where Karen's brother Dan dies when he slips in the bath. But he tells Karen he died running with the bulls because, “She is too much in love.”

Can anyone identify the actor?

E. Katherine Kerr as Lisa's Mom

Lisa's Mother gave Lisa very unusal advise when she learned about Billy's indiscretion. She told Lisa to get even.

E. Katherine Kerr continued a very successful acting career in both movies and televison: Most recently as a judge on Law & Order.

Episode 1 - 5 Aired Jul 20, 1992

The Allison and Ken Story

Allison gets caught cheating with their dentist. Her husband Ken kicks her out, only to be seduced by her younger sister, Laurie. Susan, David, and Thumper get caught in the middle and have to choose sides.

Good quotes

Lawyer - He said file the paper. Not destroy them, just file them. How come it's always the clients that can win that quit?
Allison - (After loosing contact with everyone) It's like all of your friends were in a terrible plane crash.
Laurie - (After Ken declines showering/sleeping with her) You're right it would have been very bad. But it would have been very good!


Brenda Strong as Allison Allison is a professor of English literature cheating on her husband Ken with their dentist. She says it's because she “Just need something that wasn't suppose to happen in her life.”

Benda Strong went on to numerous roles, but her best known were the ship captain in Starship Troopers and the dead narrator, Mary Alice, in the hit TV show Desperate Housewives.
Brett Cullen Ken is played by Brett Cullen. He catches his wife having an affair, kicks her out, then starts his own affair with her sister Laurie.
Terry Farrell as Laurie Ken talks to Laurie Laurie is Allison's younger sister and soccer coach who seduses Ken after his marriage falls apart.

Terry Farrell went on to fame and fortune in Star Trek DS9 as Dax and then on Becker.

Episode 1- 6 Aired July 27, 1992

The Jessica and Tony Story

Jessica works for Tony in an advertising firm. Jessica has some personal baggage that causes stress in the relationship. They fight a lot: even their pets don't get along. Jessica may be cheating, they don't seem to have compatible goals, and his mother is interfering. Then it gets really interesting when his ex-girlfriend shows up and another man comes into the picture.

Galyn Görg as Jessica

Galyn Görg played Jessica, Tony's psychotic girlfriend. She doesn't take the relationship as seriously as he does, but threatens suicide if he leaves her.

She later appeared in episodes of Xena and Star Trek.

Michael Whaley as TonyMichael Whaley played Tony, an advertising manager in love with Jessica.

He went on to guest star on L.A. Law, Frasier, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I'll Fly Away, and CSI:Miami.

Who am I?Ann is Jessica's friend and a single mom attracted to Tony.

Kathryn Klvana continued to act but found more success with her own voice-over company.
Who am I?Helen, is Tony's ex-girlfriend who is a very good cook. She broke up with him because she thought he was always looking at other women.
Who am I?The Pet Shrink that tries to reconcile her cat and his dog.

Episode 1- 7 Never Aired

Title - Unknown

No other information available

Guest Stars may have been Kristin Dattilo (Diane) and Amanda Pays (Paulina)

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