Have you heard about Grapevine? We're talking a totally intimate look at the lives and loves of four friends in Miami. How intimate? You know that fourth wall? Gone. Seriously, who needs it? In this half-hour comedy, the characters break said sheetrock, talking directly to the camera and turning viewers into confidantes. And you get to listen in on the most honest feelings and discussions on relationships. That's what makes this show as hot as South Beach.

Jack - March 27

Susan starts dating a former co-worker who is now a magician; Thumper's high school sweetheart asks him to be her final fling before she walks down the aisle, and David returns to Miami to help Matt manage his new restaurant.

Just when Susan is getting used to life without David and starts having feelings for magician Jack (guest star Michael Weatherly), David returns to Miami. To further complicate matters, David bumps into a former flame, who ignites his own passions -- for someone other than Susan. Meanwhile, being the good sport that he is, Thumper agrees to help out his former girlfriend with her unusual request, but their tryst has disastrous results.

Jamie - March 20

A long-time "platonic" friend of Thumper's reveals her true feelings for him, while Matt begrudgingly gives his blessing to his sister Heather's marriage to Rick, who dumped her at the altar three years before.

Lynn Clark, who portrayed Susan in the original version of Grapevine back in the summer of 1992, guest stars as Matt's sister, Heather.

Thumper and Jamie have been friends for as long as they can remember -- only now, Jamie wants to change the rules of the game. She's fallen for Thumper and wants to elevate their relationship from friends to lovers -- much to Thumper's horror. Meanwhile, hopeful that this ceremony will have a happier ending, Matt gets ready to walk Heather down the aisle -- again -- despite his feelings of hatred for Rick.

David - March 13

David summons up the courage to buy an engagement ring for Susan, but can't get up the nerve to actually propose.

Making matters worse, Matt leaks the potential proposal news to Susan, who is then thrown into a frenzy wondering what's taking David so long. Tensions mount and a decision on the couple's future relationship must be made when David gets an offer to manage a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Thumper - March 6

For the first time, relentless bachelor Thumper falls hard in love, and means it, only it's with his friend Matt's ex-wife, Yancy.

The totally smitten Thumper bears his soul to Yancy (guest star Nina Garbiras) as he's never done before, but he may soon experience the pain of heartbreak that he himself has inflicted on many a female in the past. Meanwhile, between the all-night lovemaking and the constant commuting between their two apartments, a physically exhausted Susan and David realize that it might make sense to move in together.

Grapevine - February 28

In the premiere episode, you'll meet Susan, a cruise line executive. She's one of these types who's only alive when she's fixing up, meddling in, or commenting on the relationships of her circle of friends. Her best friend, David, a South Beach restaurateur, has held a torch for her since college. But the wuss worries about how acting on it will affect their friendship. David's brother, Thumper, is a local television sportscaster and relentless bachelor (he's like the handsome punchline guy). Matt, manager of a South Beach hotel and newly divorced, finds himself thrown back into the travails of single life (more fun for us!). Each week, Susan, David, Thumper and Matt share their relationship expertise—dysfunctional for our viewing pleasure—and tell it like it is. Expect plenty o' romantic escapades and an expanding circle of friends.

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