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I've been with Lockheed Martin for 23 years now. It's been an exciting ride, but not always in a good way. I started as an MRB Engineer in the C-130J group, resolving manufacturing problems and clarifying engineering drawings for the technicians. Then I moved to the C-130J design department where I corrected engineering problems and made design changes in response to customer requirements.

Currently I'm in the Corporate Airworthiness Project - We supprt airworthiness, answer civilian aircraft issues and support legacy aircraft (Like TriStar, Constellation and JetStars). Recently I've been supporting the certifaction and sustainment of the LM-100J commercial program. I've also had opportunity to work in the C-130 Modifications and Sustainment group supporting modifications which allowed me to travel to some strange places and done some cool things.

Watching our airplane do a loop was pretty awesome but it took a lot of preparation to accomplish.

Still, I look around sometimes and think how lucky I am to be doing what I always wanted. It's funny too, because I went to college to study aircraft construction. From the beginning I wanted to build aircraft and now I'm doing it. Many of my classmates are in career fields far removed from what they studied.

Some people think the C-130 is an old aircraft since it has been around since 1952. But in reality, many of the systems have been updated and the manufacturing methods are often state-of-the-art. It is a great aircraft and I'm proud to be part of it.

Photo: John Rossino from Lockheed Star
The production line in the B-1 building at Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems - Marietta, GA.

Prior to Lockheed, I was doing marketing analysis work for Guideposts Publishing in New York, where I got the chance to apply my MBA classes. I lost my previous job when Smart World Communications reorganized. At least I had the chance to learn about the Internet and Web Publishing.

Before that, I worked for BNP Associates, Inc. in Danbury, Connecticut. They're a small engineering firm that does airport stuff: mostly baggage handling systems, cargo handling systems, and alike. I'd worked on several airport improvement projects including: JFK, Dulles (in Washington D.C.), and Denver International. It didn't work out, but it was a good experience because I learned AutoCAD, gained some valuable network experience, and learned more about what I'm looking for in a job. Ask me to tell you some horror stories about luggage.

In the transistion, I had several contract positions:
These were great because I learned a variety of business methods and several computer applications.

Tester 2 Battery

The USAF Years

AF Patches

My first post-college job was in the US Air Force. I really liked the Air Force. The job was exciting, the people were great, and I got to travel the world. I was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer working on C-130Es at Pope Air Force Base, NC. If the USAF would have let me transfer to engineering, I'd still be in the military today. Pope AFB closed in 2011 and became Pope Army Air Field.

The highlights of my military experience were: Operation Desert Storm the war with Iraq, and Operation Just Cause the war with Panama. These are some of my AF patches, including my Storm patches from when I was stationed with the gang from Yakota. I never get a chance to wear my medals, but I do occasionally wear one of my patches. I have the funniest war stories...

Educational History

I was a part-time graduate student at Western Connecticut State University where I was pursuing an MBA in the Ancell School of Business. But I moved and couldn't transfer the credits (The program was not properly accredited)

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I majored in Mechanical Engineering. RPI was pretty intense, and being active in so much didn't make it any easier. I was an editor for the Polytechnic (the student newspaper), a member of the E-Board, and in the Air Force ROTC (Det 550) program where I received my commission. Sometimes people don't understand me when I talk, so here's a link to the unofficial handbook. RPI Crest

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