The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Book vs Movie

Here's a list of the changes I saw in the movie adaptation of the Susanne Collins book

  • Yellow - minor change
  • Blue - major change
  • Green - maybe just not shown

Item #



01Prim suggests how to help PeetaNo recovery procedure is discussed
02Delly Cartwright is first from 12 to talk to Peeta during the recovery procedure Prim talks to Peeta
03Peeta confronts Katniss in cafeteriaNo scene
04Finnick berates Katniss for how she treats Peeta, asks, “What would Peeta do if roles were reversed?”No scene
05Plutarch and Pres. Coin argue about wedding plansNo scene
06Huge wedding cake rolls out, Katniss told fishing scenes decorated by Peeta, he's making progressNo scene
07Gale and Beetee discuss new weapon designs in lab while in District 13Discuss weapons plans on ship while flying to District 2
08Train station at District 2 is clean and whitetrain station is heavily damaged, dirty and dark
09Train exits tunnel on fireNo fire
10There are large TV screens at train station, Katniss watches herself on screen and sees herself get shotNo screens
11 When shot, Katniss injurs ribs and loses spleenInjury not severe, only bruising
12Katniss takes painful medication to heal ribs fasterRibs not seriously injured
13No sceneJoanne tells Katniss about shuttle going to Capital
14Katniss is told she cannot go to 12 because she isn't properly trained, still injured and not disciplinedTold she cannot go because she's not needed
15 Katniss goes through military training to prove herselfNo military training while in District 13 [Director made decision because he felt Katniss didn't need more training and didn't want to film a montage]
16Joanna fails training and cannot go to CapitalNo training shown and she's still a morphling addict
17President Snow poison's General at tableNo scene in book
18Katniss is sent to capital to make proposKatniss sneaks on supply ship to get to capital
19Not in bookPaylor gives pre-attack speech, says not to target civilians
20Plutarch gives Katniss Nightlock pill on first missionBoggs gives pill at Capital
21Peeta's cuffs are metal, cut into his wrists Cuffs are soft straps but still cut wrists
22Boggs survives mine explosion and brought into apartmentBoggs dies immediately, body seen later covered in black goo
23Peeta throws Mitchel across street, where he activates wire trap before being trapped in black gooPeeta throws him in to black goo where he activates wire trap
24Black goo runs down many streetsBlack goo confined to one courtyard
25Teams break open apartment door to escape black goo Escape black goo by running up stairs
26Black goo solidifies inches thick and has toxic fumesBlack goo is liquid and recedes leaving only color - no fumes
27Strike team moves several blocks on black goo towards city centerBlack goo confined to one courtyard
28Team watches rebel assault forces send cars down streets and killed by traps on TV Not shown
29Strike team enters tunnel through closet access in apartmentTeam enters tunnel off street
30Pollux and Castor cannot get video equipment shells through closet tunnel entry, leave them behind in apartmentShells are carried through tunnels
31Katniss kills women when emerging in apartmentTeam exits tunnels on stairs onto street
32Teams searches for food in apartment, discuss Capital hoardingNo search, no discussion
33Katniss given can of her favourite capital dish, lamb stewKatniss doesn't eat. Gale loves capital food
34Lizard mutts in tunnel smell like roses. Katniss smells roses and panics - She chokes and puts on gas maskKatniss hears mutts call her name, no smell, no gas mask, Peeta alerts team
35Team encounter's peace keepers in merge before last attack with mutts and Finnick's deathTeams loses Finnick, emerges into peace keepers
36Messalla is frozen and melts in light trapMessalla is incinerated and flies apart
37Tigress' shop is run down, fur underwear on racksShop beautiful with select few dresses on fancy displays
38Tigress cooks team dinnerNo eating while in shop
39Tigress puts make-up, wigs and scarves on team to disguise themOnly hoods
40Katniss and Gale exit shop into crowded streetStreets are empty at shop and only join crowds a few blocks later
41Cressida and Pollux leave Tigress' shop first, lead Katniss to mansionCressida and Pollux stay behind in shop
42News report of man being attacked on street because he looked like Peeta: People warned not to attack, just reportNo news report
43Peeta exits shop for possible diversionPeeta not shown leaving shop
44Street opens and swallows Katniss and Gale, stopping them from the mansionCheck point and peace keepers stop their progress
45Gale captured when shop door opensGale captured on street
46Katniss realizes too late Gale wants her to shoot him with arrow so he won't be capturedGale screams “Shoot me!”; Katniss aims arrow but chooses not to shoot Gale
47Katniss recognizes Prim's duck tail; her untucked shirtPrim's shirt is tucked
48Not in bookPeeta rescues Katniss, puts out flames - Cut from movie
49Katniss has major burns requiring skin graphs and operations, suffers elective mutism, visited by psychiatrist Doctor Aurelius, and often hides in closetsKatniss has some burns and is treated by mother with ointment
50Katniss wanders mansion, gets lost, finds plant nurseryKatniss is exploring mansion, sees green house, and explores it
51Katniss cuts white rose with shears. Gives it to Pres, Snow for executionKatniss plucks rose, stares at it in water
52 Katniss has one arrow in quiver, symbolic of last shot of the warQuiver is full
53Cressida and Pollux sent away to film District's recoveryCressida and Pollux film President Snow's execution
54Nightlock pill in slot on Katniss's shoulder. Katniss bites Peeta's hand when she tries to eat it; she screams and fights him to let her diePill is tucked under armor, Peeta grabs Katniss's wrist to stop her, she's captured quietly
55Katniss injured during arrest for killing Pres. CoinNo injury
56How Pres. Snow dies is a mysteryCrowd beats Pres. Snow to death
57Katniss left naked in cell for weeksSits alone in room wearing Mockingjay suit for a few hours
58Katniss put on trial, found not guilty for assassination by PTSD defenseHaymitch reads letter from Plutarch that Katniss will be pardoned
59Effie meets KatnissEffie greets Katniss and Haymitch kisses Effie
60Katniss sits in chair at District 12 houseKatniss lies on sofa
61Katniss flown in shuttle to District 12Katniss travels to district 12 by train
62Katniss doesn't move in District 12Katniss active: hunts
63Greasy Sally cooks Katniss mealsNo Greasy Sally, dishes piled in sink
64People return to district 12, rebuild, remove bodies, construct mass grave in meadow. Katniss asks about mayor's house. No activity in District 12 shown
65Katniss and Peeta make book of VictorsNo book
66At District 12, Doctor Aurelius calls to check on Katniss and give news updatesNo Dr, Letter from Annie updates news
67Peeta plants Primrose at side of housePlants flowers in center of complex in front of house
68Katniss says it took 15 years to consent to having children with PeetaMovie appears on a few years have passed.
69Katniss tells baby about grave under meadowNo mention
70Katniss sings “under the Willow to baby”No singing

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