Here's a list of the changes I saw in the adaptation of the Susanne Collins book Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part1 with noteable exceptions
  • Yellow - minor change
  • Blue - major change
  • Gray - maybe just not shown
  • Green - True to book

Line #



1 Opens Katniss in hospitalOpens her hiding in air vent
2At 12, Katniss uses headset to contact Gale in shuttle Alone and no headset
3Squadron of ships circling to protect Katniss Just one ship
4All victor village houses intactOnly two houses remain, not Peeta's
5Katniss visits old house in seam - only fireplace remainsOnly visits main street and victory house
6Retrieve's wedding photo Retrieve's Dad's photo
Katniss Tripping on skull exactly as in book
7Blue ribbon for Prim - wraps around cat
8Finnick still hospitalized from electrical woundFinnick okay
9Katniss has tattoo schedule she ignores
10All see Peeta video while in War roomVideo shown while in cafeteria
11List of demands includes killing Snow - cat 1stOnly two items - cat is last
12Plutarch presents Cinna's sketches Effie has book
13Prep team abused and imprisoned in 3908 No prep team
14Gale and Boggs fight in war room
15Move to E-Quarters for cat window move not shown
16Hunting - Rabbits, squirrels, turkeys Doesn't shoot Elk, returns empty
17Katniss has scar from tracker removal not shown
18Retina entry to Special weaponsno special security
19Meets Beetee in indoor meadow At firing range
20Special voice activated bow Plain bow
21Gale gets elaborate compound bow with scope Crossbow
22Finnick says “They will want to Kill you, Fuck you, or Be you” Effie says line
23Furing propo review Haymitch writes in notebook with purple marker Haymitch uses electronic whiteboard with handwriting recognition
24Plutarch makes up baby lost to electric shock Katniss improvises at Dist. 8 hospital
25Finnick want to go to 8 but no pants, then strips
26Boggs - “We saw Odair naked” to Gale
27Hovercraft launches from beneath field Comes out of mountain
28Plutarch gives Katniss Nightlock pill on missionNo Nightlock suicide pill
29Katniss presses the flesh in 8 hospital Walks around stunned
30Bombs fall without warningWarned, Run to shelter before bombs
312nd Gale Boggs fight, Gale breaks Bogg's nose
32Katniss removes earpiece and ignores Haymitch's commands
33Katniss wounded in leg - uses wheelchair
34Katniss shouts “Geese” - shoot several ships She and Gale down only two ships
35Katniss amazed to see video team Team always with her on street
36Apologizes to Mom - will tell her next time they go out nothing
37 Wheels into command - with Beetee no wheelchair for Katniss
38“We Remember” propos not mentioned
39After meeting - Gale n Pres. Coin chummy
40 2nd trip to 12 - Gale walks escape path thru to meadowGale talks in main street
41 Lunch at her lake & Hanging song
42 Dam scene not in book
43 Lumberjack scene not in book
44People of 12 wait 3 days in meadow after games/bombing Gale on rescue shuttle
452nd Peeta video ends with him beaten/bloody Just screaming threat
46Katniss arrives in empty bunker crowded
47Katniss retrieves protocol backpacks for 3
48Bunks carved into wall Free standing
49Plutarch tells her to present brave show for them No Plutarch in bomb shelter
*** Finnick speech about loving Peeta exactly as in book
50Katniss runs to stop door closing: blocks with bodyShe's outside door screaming
51Bombs doors are manual: they holdDoors automatic - they close
52Bombing lasts three daysFew hours
53Coffee at meeting - Finnick sugar cube #2
54Crater contains a dozen pink and white roses Only white roses - hundreds
55Tributes held in prison Held at training center
56Gas put in vents by spies Gas grenades from strike team
57Rescue not shown Raid shown
58Gale seriously wounded in raid Not injured
59Peeta has room full of nurses when he attacks Katniss Peeta & Katniss are alone

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