Stefan's favorite folk-singer: Barbara Bailey Hutchison
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Barbara Bailey Hutchison


Barbara Bailey Hutchison is my favorite folk singer. I saw her for the first time in 1983, when she performed at my alma mater, RPI. She was fantastic. I remember well the jokes and stories she told that night. I especially remember her stopping to take a "Pee Break" and asking us all to flush at the same time. She wanted see if this could make society crumble. Then we sang "Oh, Lord Calvin". [Which is now officially retired]

About a year later she returned for a Halloween show that was even better. She dressed as "Supergirl". It was fabulous. (I was dressed as Magnum PI.)

Several years later I found out she was going to appear at RPI's Mother's Wine Emporium again. So I grabbed my friends and we road tripped up to Troy, NY to see her. It was a long drive, but worth it. We had a great time, and they finally understand all those songs we've been singing around the campfire. For a few years, it became a regular (almost annual) road trip for us.

During another road trip to Troy, in January 1997, we had several inches of snow fall during the concert. The concert was wonderful, but the drive home was a little more exciting then we'd planned. The car spun off the road and we did several doughnuts sliding across a field until we stopped in the trees. No one was hurt, but I did almost $200 worth of damage to my Dad's car. I don't think Edina will ever ride with me again

After moving to Atlanta in 1998 I got the opportunity to see her perform in Nashville on 24 October 1998 (Full concert review). I rented a car, since I needed cruise control, and road-tripped up. The drive up was very nice, only 244 miles, and no traffic. It was a really cool show at Bellevue Station, a little cafe outside town. The audience was mostly her friends and church group. I got to meet Gene Cotton, he produced her latest CD and is a singer and songwriter too. He did a duet with Barbara and a solo song. Julie Schroeder, who wrote "Paint the Sky Green", also sang a duet and soloed. It was really wonderful to see Barbara so happy, singing with/and for her friends. The little venue was practically full. Unfortunately the show was too short and she didn't get to play some of her biggest songs. Chris even let me play roadie! Barbara said she'd never played her home town before and wasn't sure how to act, so she did her normal routine. It was almost awkward since everyone already knew most of the jokes and stories but clearly they didn't know the music. I got to lead the choruses. (what a crazy fan!) All concerts should be that much fun!

The saw her again in Nashville May 14, 1999 (Full concert review.) again at Bellevue Station. This time Chuck accompanied with me but Julie (his wife) stayed home. Barbara put on a lovely show, but again it was too short. A very pregnant Julie Schroeder joined in for "Little Bird" and Gene Cotton was cheered on stage for "Road Rage." The new comer to the show, Janet Stanfield, soloed "Walk in the Arms of God." Barbara did several songs by Cheryl Wheeler which was very nice. Even though she promised me days before, Barbara ran out of time and didn't do my request - I drive four hours and she didn't do it! The song she did instead was much happier though, so I'll forgive her. The bummer of the evening was the recent death of Shel Silverstein, whose song "Still Gonna Die," Barbara often sings. Even though I was so tired I couldn't see, Chuck got us home alive. All concerts should be that enjoyable.

Barbara and Julie sing Little BirdNew Another Nashville road trip occurred on June 30, 2001. Barbara played the Out on the Deck Summer Series, a benefit, at Bev & Ann's House with Julie (Schrader) Rust. We thought it was going to rain, but mother nature cooperated and the show was a success.

Barbara and Julie (Schrader) Rust played for about an hour each under the moonlight. Barbara made several comments about me to the crowd, for driving four hours to see her, which made me a star for a night (I'm still not sure if that was good or bad). But Rusty was abused even more for writing all the evenings music and blasting his electric guitar inappropriately. It was a lot of fun for everyone.

Who is Barbara Bailey Hutchison you ask?

I'm sure you've heard Barbara already, but maybe you didn't know it. She does several commercial jingles including McDonald's, Heinz, Sears, and Hallmark to name the biggies..

I think Barbara is gorgeous and awfully lucky to be so happily married a wonderful man named Chris. Her birthday is August 14th, only a week before mine. If you see her, wish her a happy one!

She and Chris teach a summer class in paper making each summer, which explains her "Christmas" album cover. Samples have also been used for several backgrounds of these webpages.

When you see her, make sure she sings "Harley." It's one of her favorite songs anyway. I've attached the lyrics so you can sing-along. She always encourages participation. And she should play my favourite, Scarecrow too!

Current Albums

Cat in the Sink

"Cat in the Sink"

Eleven songs, produced by Gene Cotton, including: Cat in the Sink, Little Bird (written by Julie Schroeder Rust), Potato (by Cheryl Wheeler), and Don't Make Me.



Thirteen songs, produced by Gene Cotton, including It's Love, Paint The Sky Green (written by Julie Schroeder Rust), Daughters of Feminists, and You're Still Gonna Die.

Edge of Wisdom

"Edge of Wisdom"

Eleven original songs including Cold War, "Edge of Wisdom " (RA Sound byte), "Cold War" (RA Sound byte), The World Is Your Home, & "I Miss You Tonight" (RA Sound byte). As she puts it, the sound is acoustic, honest, and packed with emotion.

Xmas CD


A collection of Christmas songs including: "Breath of Heaven", "Little Drummer Boy", "Mary's Boy Child", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", and others. These aren't really traditional versions, more like versions for children learning to sing. The songs are shorter and easier. Several of them aren't traditional at all, but lovely songs by Amy Grant and Gene Cotton.



Recently arrived on CD, this includes: "Into A Mall" , "Is It Love", and "It's Only Lonely Sometimes"

Especially for children

She has worked on several projects for children. Each of these albums comes with a sing-a-long guide. I like to give them away as baby-shower gifts. Everybody who's received them loves them. And they're not corny like Barney.

"Snuggle Up"

Her first collection of lullaby songs.

The way she explains is, the producers were tired of children's songs filled with violence (like putting a cradle on a tree top!). It was nominated for a Grammy, but got beat out by "The Little Mermaid" These are simple happy songs designed to make children happy.

"Little Sleepy Eyes"

Her second collection. contains more soothing lullabies to help one sleep. Although also nominated for a Grammy, unfortunately it was beaten by "The Lion King."

"Sleepy Time Lullabies"

grammy.pix grammy.pix
The third collection, finally beat Disney for a 1996 Grammy Award as best Music Album for Children 1996. Too bad Pocohontas!!!

Baby Love Cass

"Baby Love"

Is her latest album for children. It was recently released in Target Stores nationwide. It's part of their Lullaby Club collection produced by Someday Baby Inc. Is it a coincidence that "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" came out at the same time?

See the official site: for the updated tour schedule.

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