Stefan's Job At
Smart World Communications

Last December I started working for Smart World Communications. You can read all about them through their extensive web site at HTTP:// To summarize, they're a cellular communications company that has expanded into the field of Internet Providers.

I started out as a help desk person. But my job has expanded and probably will continue to expand indefinately. Right now I'm working as one of the web page editors to keep the site up-to-date. Which is pretty hard as they add new cities almost everyday. If you follow the links, you'll find the states that I'm still working on. Don't worry, I'll get to them all. But if you find something wrong, you can always remind me at Mostly there are dead ends at some cities and for some dealers.

I'm kept pretty busy throughout the day answering calls. We had an 800 number but people were abusing it too much. Half the calls were people asking about upgrading and using other software. I wanted to help them, but we just couldn't afford to spend all the technician's time on them and pay for the calls too. So now we don't have free calling. But you can still get FREE technical support.

The job is pretty cool. Some of the people are really cool. If it's not too busy I can surf using my own T1 line. But the best part is that I get to play on the latest toys. We just got a radio station on our server, so we've been playing with all the Real Audio software. Pretty cool stuff. I've gained some more experience on Networking and Installing hardware and software too.

Well, that's the job in a nutshell, I hope you liked it. Check out my other pages and my other sites. I think I have four now.

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Last revised 22 March 97