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Author Anne McCaffrey- Who wrote the Dragonriders of PERN books. She's a great writer and an even greater person. She actually sent me a case of oranges while I was in the Persian Gulf. Everyone really loved her books. Her latest book is The Masterharper of Pern. I really enjoyed it. You can visit my fan site for more book information and my salute to her.
Comedian Janeane Garofalo - She was just too funny for SNL. She's most famous for The Truth About Cats and Dogs and stealing the scenes in Reality Bites. Yes, I was first in line for her last movie, The Matchmaker. I thought it was way too cutesy, but enjoyable. She's currently working on a movie with Jon Stewart called "Almost Romantic" for Touchstone Pictures. More to follow. [Schedule]
Male Singer Chris De Burgh - While he is best known here for the song Lady in Red he also sang the theme to Arthur 2 and has numerous albums in Europe. I saw him on his only US tour in 1983.
Female Singer Joan Jett - She is wild in concert. I've seen her 8 times. She played Tuxedo Junction on March 27, 1997 which I think was number 9. (Full concert review)
Folk Singer Barbara Bailey Hutchison - She is just plain wonderful. Buy her CDs!
I last saw her in Nashville - October 1998. Her latest is called "Reconcile". Check out my fan page for more cool info.
I picked up an appreciation for German speaking singers during several trips to Germany. Although these singers aren't known here is the USA, take my word, they're great!

Nena (Kerner) - Best known in the USA for 99 Luftballons, she also has several other great albums. It's a great 80's rock sound that is emotionally charged and easy to dance to. [English version]

Marianne Rosenburg - Dark almost Gothic soft rock sound. Feuerrosen is my favorite. A friend just picked up her latest album, "Luna" for me.

Juliane Werding - Mostly ballads, I find her music mysterious yet sensual, very similar to some Heart songs. I have 5 CDs and hope to collect more. Here are two excellent links to see . [Auf Deutch]  [In English]

Nicole (Seibert) - Soft sensual ballads. I highly recommend it. I have "Mehr Als Zusammen Schlafen Gehn", and "Wenn Schon ... Denn Schon"
Mail Order
CD store
CyberCD, Music Boulevard, and CD Universe. For those hard to get CDs (Like any Import)
Upcoming Movies
I'm thrilled about
My Favorite Martian [Disney] - Another remake from my youth: I can't wait. Elizabeth Hurley too - Delicious [December 1998]
Star Wars - Episode I - The long awaited prequel. Natalie Portman will be great. I just hope Liam Neeson and Jake Lloyd don't mess it up. [May 1999]
Movie 1996 The Truth About Cats and Dogs- It was so good I saw it twice, and I almost never see a movie twice.
Movie 1997 Grosse Pointe Blank - I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'm a hopeless romantic. Then again, my high school reunion was a total flop. The Peacemaker ,In & Out, and Matchmaker were also quite enjoyable.
Movie 1998 The Truman Show - I'm not a big Jim Carry fan, but this movie was great. I love a movie that makes you think. I hope you saw it!
Movie 1999 Shakespeare in Love - I've always been a Shakespeare fan and this movie has is all: laughs, tears, tragedy, a pirate, a dog and yet you leave feeling happy. The Ben Aflick joke is funny and the Queen's lines almost steal the movie.
All Time
Favorite Movies
The Princess Bride - Who isn't in love with Princess Buttercup? Did she really marry Sean Penn?

Monty Python's Holy Grail - I've seen it over 50 times (yes, it is the exception)

Sleepless in Seattle - Okay, so I'm a romantic!
Spring 1992
TV Show
Grapevine - It only lasted six episodes on CBS but I loved it. [Way too controversial] Every show was about sex! But there was no nudity or smut: it was all left to your imagination. Similarly to the Twilight Zone, upcoming actors gott their breaks there including Dean Cain, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and Terry Farrell. Look for my page coming later.
TV Show
Picket Fences - For a while this show had it all. Great acting, interesting stories, and it kept you guessing.
Fall 1996
TV Show
Profiler - It's a shame NBC won't allow a women to be great at her job unless she's endowed with "Super Powers." Still, the writing is excellent, the pace is exciting, and the acting is better than average. Jack is gone! Yeah! I was so tired of of him.
Spring 1997
TV Show
JAG - CBS resurrected this show after NBC unexpectedly canceled it in 1996. It is intelligent, well written, and exciting. CBS isn't spending as much as NBC did, and the plots are weaker, but I'm still enjoying it.
Spring 1998
TV Shows
Spin City/ Dharma & Greg - ABC had comedy Wednesday night nailed ! Why did they ruin it?
Fall 1998
TV Show
Cupid - I could really fall in love with Paula Marshall. She was great on last season's Spin City The networks are going to try for the third time to give this actress her own series: I'm not too sure it will work. The premise is pretty weak, the constant Moonlighting like bickering is annoying, and what is it doing on Saturday night? The show is a perfect lead in to either Spin City or Dharma & Greg.
Free WebSpace
Comic Strip Dilbert   I love reading it, but it hits so close to home it hurts. My all time favorite has to be Calvin & Hobbs, I really miss those guys...
Sport Skiing - I Love to ski. The outdoors, thrill, and comradery is awsome. It's been a while since the 95-96 season when I had 19 ski days including 7 days in Park City, Utah. But I keep hoping.
Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's I'm a big fan. I've been to the factory in Vermont, I got the T-shirt and the birthday card too. Every year on my birthday they give me a free cone, what could be better?
Hot Sauce 911 available through mail order from Mo Hotta Mo Betta. They also have such other fine products as "Hot Buns on the Beach," "Scorned Women," and "Pure Hell."
Snack Food Buffalo wings - of course the best ones are the ones I make, You just can't find great ones in the stores or restaurants. Did you know that hot wings were invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY? I went there once, they were pretty good.

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