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Music and Theater

I'm into my second year living in Atlanta: There's been an awful lot to see and do and deciding is really tough. So I'm compiling a list of places I've been and things I've seen to make it easier for everyone else. This town is really exciting.


Music Legend: 0 - Sucked   - Fair   - Enjoyable   - Really Cool  

Mostly I listen to WPCH Peach 94.9 because they have news in the morning during my drive to work. The rest of the day I listen to Star 94.1, 96 Rock or 99X

The Chamber- Billed as Atlanta's only FETISH club, it's a black lighted techno dance club for the late night crowd. The action really doesn't start until midnight and revelers should plan on staying past 3am. There are "performances" every half hour with a S/M theme, so be prepared. They throw the best Halloween Party in town. The Atlanta Gothic scene calls it too pop: everyone else calls it too kinky. Visit and decide for yourself. Open Thurs-Sat at 10pm. Cover $5-$10. Just remember to leave your inhibitions and hang-ups at home.
The Cotton Club- A smokey bar in Midtown. It stands 200-300.
5/16/98 - 45 Mercy [0], Crave [0]
The Echo Lounge- A little bar in East Atlanta. It stands 200-300 and has some cool hanging chairs
7/10/99 - 6X [] and Sonia Tetlow []
5/16/99 - Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Ribald comedy!
Eddie's Attic- (515-B N. McDonough Decatur 404-377-4976) A wonderful bar in Decatur that is very singer, song writer friendly. A small venue that seats 200-300. Good food and nice beer selection.
07/16/99 - Jennifer Daniels [], Mike Willis [0], Jeffery Butts [], Angela Motter []
05/27/99 - Colin Hay (Lead singer of Men At Work) [ ]
05/08/99 - Denise Franke [] and Eric Taylor []
04/10/99 - Bill Pound [], Kellie Parr [], Andy Offutt Irwin [ ], Tammy Fowler [ ], Reuben Anderson [0], Christian Durand [ ]
02/19/99 - Jennifer Kimball []. Beth Wood [], David Ryan Harris []
12/23/98 - Ratsy []. Ben Wakeman []
12/11/98 - Trina Meade [], Keli Mercadante [], Diane Durrett [] and Caroline Aiken [].
11/29/98 - Jennifer Daniels [], Michael Curtis [], and Denise Marie [].
10/31/98 - Ratsy []. Bernice Lewis [], Jennifer Goree [0].
 06/20/98 - Jennifer Daniels [], Slaid Cleaves [0]
05/17/98 - Vance Gilbert []
03/07/98 - Jennifer Daniels [], Ratsy [], Martin Sexton []
The Freight Room - [CLOSED 12-98] A lovely pub at an old Atlanta train station. We stopped going there because of a squabble we observed. They'd swindle bands out of money. BUT I did enjoy it once.
The Hanger - It used to be a movie theater in Marietta, so it can easily stand 500-1000, but the acoustics need some help, the bar is very small, and the bar tender, Ladonna(?) didn't know how to mix the drink I requested (Gin and tonic).
07/17/99 - Superbud [0], Bay County Poets [], Amanda Jones []
4/10/99 - Donors [0], Wonderlust [0], Amanda Jones []
Java House- A very tiny coffee bar in Conyers. It holds about 40. (But the covered patio in back holds over 200 for summer shows.)
4/3/99 - Andy Offutt Irwin [] A really funny, good time!
Masquerade (695 North Ave NE Atlanta 404-577-8178) - A medium size venue for 200-1000 people with pool tables and drinks. Attracts an interesting but not too exotic crowd in the main upstairs concert hall called "Heaven". There's also a downstairs dance hall called "Hell" that is so loud it interferes with the live music upstairs. In between is a bar called "Purgatory" They host outdoor concerts in the summer too.
8/06/99 - Sins of Lust [], Razed in Black [], Switchblade Symphony []
3/12/99 - Genitorturers [], Godhead [], Sins of Lust []
1/31/99 - Amanda Jones [], Wally Gates [0] , Spanking Catherine [0]
4/7/98   - Genitorturers [] and Impotent Sea Snakes [] - Really Wild Shows
6/19/98 - Impotent Sea Snakes [], Robustos [0], Novociane [0] - The Elvis appreciation show (fun)
5/30/98 - Gary Numan [], The Changelings [], Switchblade Symphony [] - Wild and Fun
1/30/98 - Bow Wow Wow []
Midtown Music Festival [] - (1998) Three days of musical fun. It was pretty cool to rock with 55,000 of my closest friends. Drinking, pushing, shoving, mud, and music too. I went for Paula Cole, who was not impressive - but the Indigo Girls were excellent. I volunteered too and got a free T-shirt.
MJQ Concourse - A very small venue under the parking lot at 736 Ponce De Leon.
9/19/98 - Changelings [] The band was outstanding but the crowd was really subdued: Not the goth group I expected. At other concerts the people get wild and dance; at this concert they sat down on the dance floor for the first four rows around the stage.
9 Lives Saloon - A small venue in L5P, seats 40, and has a pool table. Some describe as a friendly biker bar
3/26/99 - audiobridge [] and Amanda Jones []
The Point [Closed 7/99] - In L5P, it was often called the best place to hear music in Atlanta. I'll miss it.
5/21/99 - Caroline Aiken [] and Wild West Picture Show []
3/26/99 - 6X [] Awesome CD release party!
12/98 - Amanda Jones [], Julius Pleaser [0]
10/20/98 - Ceiling Fan [0] and Wild West Picture Show []
10/17/98 - The Reruns [0], 6X [], and The Mouth Breathers [] (Voted Creative Loafing Best Metal Band)
The Red Light Cafe - A very small venue on the backside of Piedmont Park. Terrible acoustics and major technical problems (like a constant 60 cycle hum and deafening feedback) ensure that I won't be going back any time soon.
10/10/98 - Changelings [] The band was good, the place was crowded, but the venue sound was so awful I'd have to rate the show as marginal at best.
Roxy Theater - Old theater in Buckhead. Usually folding chairs, which aren't comfortable, and bad parking.
10/28/98 - Micky Hart []- We were disappointed that we paid so much for assigned seats and then they didn't have seats and we had a really bad view. Planet Drum itself was pretty good.
Smith's Olde Bar - A small venue in midtown. The hall is actually next door and up stairs from the tavern. The best plan is to buy your supper at the tavern and carry it up stairs. The place was set up with maybe 30 tables and stands another 100-200.
11/16/98 - Kitty Snyder [], Chris Knight [], and James McMurtry []
9/26/98 - Jude [0] - except for "I do" and Sinead Lohan - [] Very enjoyable and she signed my poster. She's gonna be BIG (Interview)
The Star Community Bar - A small venue in little five points. Seats maybe 40 and stands another 100-200. The show I saw started very late and the crowd was pretty uniform (Not Diverse). Downstairs is another lounge room, I guess so people can get away from the music, with 30 stools and one TV.
9/12/98 - Wild West Picture Show [] - A really fun show, too bad the Meat Purveyors opened: they sucked!
The Tabernacle - (Downtown) A wonderful venue that stands 1500/2500 and seats another 1000 in two balconies: Six bars, three lounges, a pool table and TVs everywhere so you won't miss anything.
10/23/98 - Garbage [] - Awsome sound, lights, and performance! Girls vs Boys [0].
Three Dollar Cafe- I don't think they usually have bands, but for St. Patrick's Day they had three, and a live broadcast from WNNX 99.7 FM. I got sun glasses, a 99X T-shirt, a cassette, and caught a drumstick and guitar pick. Chris White was visiting from England and really enjoyed it.
3/14/98 - Marvelous 3 [], The Breakfast Club [], Junkster []
The Variety Playhouse - In L5P an old converted movie theater that holds 1500. There are some movie seats, but if you sit in them you can't see anything when the crowd gathers in front of the stage. The balcony is a reasonable alternative if you don't want to stand for two hours. Get there early for Sold-Out shows or you'll be standing in the isle way back.
11/24/98 - Men At Work [] Awesome and fun!, Let's Go Bowling [0]
11/25/98 -Chris Isaak [] Really enjoyable frolic!, Wes Cummingham [0]
The Vault - A really cool, medium size venue in Buckhead, about a mile north of the Roxy on Roswell road. They have their own parking, a sunken dance floor, many small lounges, and really cool black lights.


7 Stages Theater [1105 Euclid Avenue L5P] - Performance space for the bizarre and outrageous with seating for 300-400.
08/06/99 - Annie Sprinkle's Herstory: Reel to Real.
Soul-Stice Repertory Theater [7 Stages Back Stage Theatre, 1105 Euclid Avenue L5P]
3/14/1999 - Twelfth Night - The extra musical crap wasn't needed, but I still enjoyed it.
Dad's Garage (280 Elizabeth Street L5P 404-523-3141) The home of Theater Sports improvisational comedy and several other performance pieces and plays.
The Shakespeare Tavern (499 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta 404-874-5299) Monthly performances of various plays. So far I've seen: "A Mid Summer Night's Dream," "Richard III," "Two Gentlemen of Verona," "King Lear," "The Merry Wives of Windsor," and "Julius Caesar"
Roxy Theater - Saw the midnight show of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" They said "No throwing stuff", but they meant, "No throwing stuff at the stage." We we unarmed as the water, rice, confetti, cards and toilet paper flew! We had a great time, but the folding bridge chairs were pretty cheap and uncomfortable.

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