CBS Makes History
Wed, Jan 12, 2000 11:06 PM PST

Six new CBS series and specials, previwed Wednesday at the annual Winter Television Critics Association press tour, either portray historical events or revive television history.

Finally, CBS is reaching back to the early Ď90s with "Grapevine," a Miami-based comedy which debuted in 1992 but went on what the net describes as "the longest hiatus in history."

Steven Eckholdt ("It's Like, You Know..." ) originally played the central character Thumper, but now plays his older brother David. George Eads stepped in as Thumper and described what it was like to meet creator David Frankelís brother, whom the character was based on.

"He had his arms crossed, standing like this," Eads said, "and I looked down and realized I was standing the same way."

Frankel had another brush with critical acclaim and network oblivion when he wrote and directed the TV pilot "Dear Diary," which never aired on TV, but won an Academy Award for Best Short Film/Live Action.