BBH Concert Review
Nashville, Tennessee - May 14, 1999

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On May 14th, 1999 Barbara Bailey Hutchison again played Bellevue Station in Nashville, Tennessee. Doors opened around 6pm (we weren't there) and the show started at 7:15pm. Barbara was a little hesitant to start because it was still light out and thought she should wait until after sundown. She was forceded off the stage at 8:30, another band was scheduled to start at 9:00, and she didn't get to do her encore.

Playing in her home town before her friends, Barbara said she was confused how to act because they would already know her stories and jokes. Maybe that's why she didn't include many of her usuall stories, anecdotes, and jokes. She did take several opportunities to slam me and Atlanta though.

She played a lot of music.

We really had a great time, but I missed hearing "Scarecrow", "You're gonna miss me" and the audience participation was weak.

Play List

  1. Just your education (U)
  2. Into a Mall (P)
  3. Paint the Sky Green (R)
  4. Greatest hits
  5. Mom, Don't Make Me Go To School (U)
  6. If It Were Up to Me (By Cheryl Wheeler)
  7. Potato (By Cheryl Wheeler)
  8. Edge of Wisdom (E)
  9. Daughters of Feminists (R)
  10. Little Bird (U) - Duet with Julie Schrader
  11. The Train of Change (A)
  12. Crazy in Alabama (A)
  13. Believe in Me (R)
  14. Rocked in the Arms (Jana Stanfield solo)
  15. Road Rage (Duet with Gene Cotton)
  16. Still Gonna Die (R)
  17. I Miss You Tonight (E)
  18. It's Love (R)
  19. It's Better Than That (R)


(E) Edge of Wisdom
(P) Portrait
(R) Reconcile
(U) - Not Released Yet
(A) - By Kenya Walker from Alligator Purse

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