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Nashville, Tennessee - October 24, 1998

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On October 24th, 1998 Barbara Bailey Hutchison played Bellevue Station in Nashville, Tennessee. Bellevue Station is a small venue that seats 50-75 and serves bottled beers, soft drinks, and snack foods. The atmosphere is intimate and cozy. Not well publised, the event drew most Barbara's friends, church group members, and industry associates. Doors opened at 6pm and the show started at 7pm. She finished playing at 8:40 and another band was scheduled to starr at 9:30.

Barbara said that she hadn't played in her home town before and this was a new experience for her. She was nervous about performing for her friends and concerned because they would already know her stories and jokes. Her concern was obviously misplaced. Although they'd heard her sing before, they were unfamiliar with her own music. They were amazed, as am I, by the joy and fun Barbara brings to her shows.

Chris, her husband, put out Barbara's CDs for sale on a table. He told the club owner that he didn't really expect to sell any. I'm not sure of the actual number, but they sold a lot of CDs that night.

Play List

Main Show


Post Show

Signed posters and CDs


(E) Edge of Wisdom
(P) Portrait
(R) Reconcile
(S) - Snuggle Up
(U) - Not Released Yet

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