By Don Henry (ASCAP)

There was a motorcycle Mama and her man
With a wind burnt tan and a Harley
Roarin' through Bakersfield when her water broke
They pulled into a hospital and for a little joke

They named him Harley
They bought a sidecar and
A small bandanna band
And they loved their Harley

Slidin' sideways up the coast crusin highway one
The sidecar came undone...No one noticed
Thrashing through a golden meadow
It came to rest right where a farmer's wife cried
"Jesus Christ has answered all our prayers!"

They named him Harley
Because of a tattoo
That claimed his name was true
And they loved their Harley

He was raised upon a farm
Cradled in the arms
Of Beulah and Barney
But then at a restless age
They unlocked his cage
And he became a carney

There was a motorcycle daredevil deluxe
Jumpin' fifty trucks at the fairgrounds
A middle aged hippie couple way up in the stands
heard the crowd chanting loud
The name of this young man

And they called him Harley
And that hippie couple smiled
Could this be their long lost child

So they met Harley
Convinced him of the news
When they compared tattoos
And they loved their Harley

©1986 Cross Key Pub. Co. Inc.
All rights administered by Sony Music

"Harley" is a register trademark of Harley-Davidson, Inc.